One MAJOR PROBLEM With Silver You Should Think About – Or Maybe It’s An Advantage??

Here's something that I recently have thought about that might concern some people, though it could be a really good catalyst for upside if the inverse of what I'm talking about happens. I'm a bit concerned that there is a lot of silver pumping, and influencing that is not nuanced, that leads to the large physical silver premiums for lower denominations that we see. It's unfortunate when the "little man" gets taken advantage of, and I think that it's important to be very conscious of the different factors impacting the price of silver. I still own 5% of my overall investment portfolio in the form of physical silver, but want to bring different voices to the discussion.


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8 Comments on “One MAJOR PROBLEM With Silver You Should Think About – Or Maybe It’s An Advantage??”

  1. Really enjoy your approach to analysis. Next cycle will be educational for us all, honestly.

  2. Good video Christian. Personally I think right now people should be investing in silver even if you can afford the gold cause I believe silvers gonna explode. This is Just my opinion and i am not a financial adviser… Im just someone that’s been in Numismatics and stacking precious metals for awhile so again, this is just my opinion.

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