Pawn Stars: $1,000,000 for Michael Jordan’s “Space Jam” Sneakers (Season 18) | History

Rick and Chum visit a warehouse in Los Angeles full of rare shoes, including Michael Jordan’s “Space Jam” Sneakers and a pair of Yeezys, in this clip from Season 18, "Wanted: Pawned or Alive."

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"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

96 Comments on “Pawn Stars: $1,000,000 for Michael Jordan’s “Space Jam” Sneakers (Season 18) | History”

    1. Shoes should be worn and thrown out and any mo fo that smells another mans shoes prop or so called brand new is one of them Hollywood fenagles! All Worthless for me!

    1. @peter ramstedt Exactly, something is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. They’d need to find a fool with an extra million laying around to sell those at that inflated estimate…along with some swamp land, a bridge and some magic beans!

    2. @Shubham Shukla yes because you’re not michael jordan. common sense. regardless who wore them those shoes would be worth a fortune, the highest grossing basketball movie of all time and they’re the original pair worn in the film. those two things would make those shoes be worth a lot of money in itself.

    1. *Lola Bunny walks through the door*
      Rick , Chumlee, Cory – 😍😘🥵
      Rebecca – 😠 ugh , she’s not even real!!!

    1. If an item is worth 2.2, to 2.3 million, he would definitely consider spending 1 million dollars on it. That’s how his margins are. He has to buy an item for 50% to 70% maximum of its retail lowest value. That’s how he can make money, innit? Also, buying a million dollar item and waiting for someone to buy it for 2 to 2.5 million is a huge bet. He might not be ready to take such a risk.

    2. @Sri Prabhav Paturi then he has to frame it and one his employees may drop and break it. Just isn’t worth the risk at that price.

    1. Its a scripted TV show chum was told to act like that in the early seasons and then they were told to lose some weight for their characters the pawn shop is real… But the TV show is all scripted and fake.

    2. Naw, he just got gastric bypass and cant eat more than a couple bites before he vomits. His stomach will stretch back out and he’ll get fat again.

  1. This is one of those weird occasions where I’m familiar with both the owner and expert on these shoes. Owner has been in the game longer and probably has way more knowledge then the “expert” so seeing the whole thing play out felt a bit awkward. But still enjoyed seeing some beautiful sneakers on pawn stars.

    1. It’s not so much of an expertise thing, and really more of a third party opinion instead of just taking the seller’s word on price.

    2. Watch the million dollar super mario brothers game episode.. or just look up wata games scandal and apply to shoes…

    3. Yeah, maybe you have access to this knowledge knowing the owner? But unless they were stored with Argon gas they’ve already heavily degraded. I wouldn’t pay over a million for any pair of shoe’s that weren’t stored properly. Those 11’s should have at least been in a better case, for real? I wouldn’t be handling them. A man just gonna like plop em midsoles down on the table like that? 😆 The comment above mine is on point 👆. Pokémon cards, the PWCC was just banned from eBay.. that’s right EBAY 😆. Artificial inflation all the way around! FOMO

  2. “It has Michael Jordon and Looney Tunes combined in it, what’s more iconic than that!?”
    😂😂 Chum Lee is a legend!

    1. He had some help from a company that has the best marketing and advertising teams in the world. Some of Nike’s ad’s are pieces of art.

    2. @John Bovi and designer too. Nike had to pay for MJ AND Tinker Hatfield! Like MAN, that’s like having Steve Jobs and Woz for shoes right there

  3. For Rick not knowing much about sneakers I think that the Paris he chose was an amazing choice. Those are probably the most detailed sneaker ever made. It would take forever just to look over the entire shoe because of the fine detail and print. It’s art converted from canvas to sneaker. Great choice Rick

    1. Not to mention depending what size he bought , there is a size 8.5 brand new going for 100K on GOAT

    2. Not surprising he’d go for those, because it’s something that would be easy to sell even to someone that’s not an expert in shoes. (Among people willing to pay that much for shoes anyway.)

  4. I can’t imagine spending that kind of money on shoes of all things. It’s just insane to me, but to each his own.

    1. It’s only because we don’t have it but for people who do, won’t think twice. Believe it or not, a rare Pokemon card sold for more than a million in auction.

    2. That’s why they are call collectors. It’s the significant memorabilia and tied history on that item. Unlike usable like classic cars or watches. It’s still a great display piece specially if ur a sneaker head.

      I mean it’s great price to pay if u live in the same era where u knew or grew up with that celebrity and know their worth in what they contributed.

    3. @Edster true. People, like the ones who pay all this money for historical game memorabilia, are partly responsible for us being able to enjoy ancient artifacts like the clothes, cups, shoes, gauntlets and headdress etc of historical figures or just period pieces in general.

      Great comment, partner.

  5. Without any documentation or something signed by Michael how could anyone be 100% sure about the authenticity of those shoes. I mean a million bucks is no joke.

    1. That’s what lm saying…Another man’s shoes!!!!so what a shoe is a shoe…The man played basketball…the mechanic at the auto shop can sure fix cars people thought would never run again so tell me!!!why no shout out 2 this talent.

    2. Size tag/sample written inside. Size, variance. If they’re the first unveiled for Michael, they don’t have the same tags as a retail pair

  6. I remember seeing space jam on opening day in the movie theatre.. it was the most packed I have ever seen a movie theatre. every seat filled, plus like 50 people that snuck in. i mean, it was crazy.

    1. Spiderman the in the last couple weeks was crazy like that. But MJ in those days was the most famous peron in the world

  7. It is funny to see the transformation of Chum. The guy was literally made fun of early on in the show for being into shoe’s and video games. Now he has become the expert in all the areas that are really hot $ right now. Very smart guy, with a personality. go Chum!!

  8. Big thank to you dwag I really appreciate your good work your such a legit vendor I ever see your good work show how good you are, I will forever remember you man 🐐💯

  9. Happy to see Chum getting wiser and Rick opening up to learning about different non-traditional items.

  10. You gotta respect Rick as a businessman, he has the discipline and experience to know when to take a deal and when to pass. The shoes sold at auction for $176k. You can’t just buy things out of emotion and hype without knowing enough about them, he made the right decision.

    1. Respect Rick? Were we watching the same video? Rick offered $300k for shoes that went at auction for $176k. Had buddy took the deal Rick would be sitting at a huge loss .

    2. That aint the space jam that sold for $176k. A game worn shoes is around the same price tag. This space jam is the one worn on the movie and the first space jam that was released in the public hence the huge pricetag

  11. I laughed at Rick’s reaction to Chum calling Space Jam one of the most iconic movies of all time.

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