Pawn Stars: 1863 Japanese Katana Ceremonial Sword (Season 15) | History

Chumlee shows off his expertise when a customer brings in an incredibly rare katana that once belonged to a Japanese lord in this clip from "Samurais and Centerfolds". #PawnStars
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Pawn Stars
Season 15
Episode 07
Samurais and Centerfolds

"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

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67 Comments on “Pawn Stars: 1863 Japanese Katana Ceremonial Sword (Season 15) | History”

  1. I don’t know what was nicer, the lady understanding Rick having to make money off of it by halving her price down or Rick being honest by giving her an extra grand

  2. She wanted $10,000, and was shocked when it was worth that much. Then she lowballs herself 😨

    1. jms980 she didn’t lowball herself. She understands how this kind of transactions work and she was willing to take 5 grand for that. It’s not lowballing, it’s a smart move: she avoided a long, annoying trade by demanding a fair price (or just little lower than fair) since she just wanted to get rid of that.

    1. He did. That swords worth atleast 15,000 according to how old it is and the stories behind it. He also is a sword collector he knows how much it’s worth.

    2. @Wynn Ahn He also knows he has to get the sword restored as best as possible from an expensive sword restoration expert.
      Then there’s the matter of whether or not he puts it up in an auction which auction houses usually take a cut out of.
      You also have to wait for potential buyers and that could take months or years. Where would she know where or how to sell it?
      If you post it on ebay or something, people might not believe it. She’s an old lady, people who go to pawn stuff want or need money asap, that’s why they go there. doyyyy.

    3. @Wynn Ahn But he sold it to Dana White for 9k. I mean, after Dana bought 60k worth of other swords, that’s fair.

  3. Compassion and consideration from both the buyer and the seller.. Hats off.. Do such people still exists on this planet..??

  4. “I’ll take $5000″
    Rick :”$6000”
    “$4000 take it or leave it”
    Rick:”Sorry we couldn’t make a deal”

  5. Since his father sadly left us, Rick is not only the brains there, he is the soul of the shop. It’s awesome to see how he makes business…
    Corey would offer 1 thousand dollars and a bucket of fryed chicken, if that much…

  6. I love the way Rick is quick to say an asking price is too low and offers a better deal. That’s good honesty right there.

  7. Even though the sword was not very old, but it has a very historical value during the meji period, which is almost the end of the samurai era. Really hope this sword can be returned back to mother land of Japan and kept it in the museum. 🙂

  8. Rick is a great guy … So honest and will offer more then the asking price if his friends give him and indication that it’s worth more

  9. Of all the experts that Rick’s calling in everytime the samurai guy is my favourite.
    Man just observe how he respectfully asking for permission to touch every sword on that shop and checking it with passion.

  10. I think Rick was taken back by such a reasonable offer and her charm. How many times have people come on the show and immediately ask for the same amount as the apprised value.

  11. man, you gotta love Rick. from his sense of humor to this show of honesty even when dealing with business where people are usually cold about it. Rick is fair. I love to see it

  12. I sometimes get frustrated with Rick due to his stubbornness on some deals, but I gained a lot of respect for him for what he did here. Great dude

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