Pawn Stars: 19th Century Roman Catholic Cardinal Ring (Season 7) | History

A customer brings Rick what he claims is a ring given out to a cardinal by the Pope, but his word alone may not be infallible in this clip from "Lord of the Ring". #PawnStars
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70 Comments on “Pawn Stars: 19th Century Roman Catholic Cardinal Ring (Season 7) | History”

    1. TheGamingBlurr you realize that if they don’t call an expert In they could just guess that it’s real and pay the full price when it is was worth nothing and it would have been a rip off. Use your brain come on that is just logic.

    2. TheGamingBlurr why do people always bash the show? Like if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Nobody is making you watch it. Shut up with your ignorant comments about the show.

    3. JDMZ 94 he never said he didn’t like it. I love this show, but they always call in an expert 😂 I don’t mind it though because we find out much more about it

    1. thats the scariest thing about rick. his knowledge makes them anxious and they lower the price of their item

    1. snowdoggieii Why would it burn him? If you’re saying a real cardinal ring is holy that is a pretty good joke. No vanity bedazzled stuff like this is blessed. Assuming you’re kidding

  1. That was a great point by rick that it isn’t sizable, well done. Not the usual “it’ll have to sit around for awhile so it’s a risk”.

  2. The gentleman pawning the item was very professional. He was not trying to misrepresent the item in question for financial gain outside of his anticipated expectations based on the heritage of the object.

    1. The gentleman was not trying misrepresent the item he was pawning based on his knowledge of it ….. Probably would have been a lot simpler 🤣 not sure why you people think you’re so important that we want to sit there listening to you while you just make everything so much more complicated lol

  3. If I had a ring like that…I probably would keep it. If I sold it I definitely would of got a few appraisals from multiple sources. I would never trust a pawn shop “experts”.

    1. You do know that if you want to go for “few appraisals from multiple sources”, you have to pay experts for their services right?? Let´s say you pay 50 to 80 bucks for each appraisal, after four or five, how much would you spend already? . Gosh, I love how people just talk when they don’t know anything.

    2. @julkee But Jeff W is one of those people that says “would of” in place of “would have”, so you know how much of a brain he really has 😂😂😂

    1. Michele Cozzarin “you’re looking skinny today, peasant, eat! *throws bread*”

  4. My dad had that ring in the 70’s. Everyone did. It went good with the red velour blazer and bell bottoms.

  5. That was a gorgeous ring. That was worth more than what he got. Also why trust his buddy??? Get your own appraisal 🤦🏼‍♀️

    1. His buddy didn’t appraise it he just said it wasn’t a Cardinal’s ring gorgeous doesn’t mean valuable

    2. Anytime you sell something you must do research to know what you have. Let the buyer beware and also let the seller beware!

  6. The symbology he’s looking for was in the placement of the stones he should call the maker who’s still in buissness or an expert on papal rings . This guy might have blown it .

  7. A lot of work went into that ring. I would have called the shop that made it if it’s still around. I think the man was right . That ring was made for one man’s finger that means he was measured for it which makes it a custom ring which means it’s worth more than a solid gold ring .

    1. Nope. Unless the person it was made for was a big name then it is only worth the name and what someone is willing to pay.

    2. Your right on calling the shop as they may have records of who the ring was made for and why ie a cardinals ring, both have the potential to add value. However Rick is right about the sizing and the ability to change that. Without being able to change the size the amount of potential purchasers is significantly reduced, there are 13 official ring sizes. That makes it much harder to sell

  8. He didn’t seriously just try and use the fact that he had the ring in his possession for many years as a reason why it’s real, did he?

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