Pawn Stars: 20 SUPER RARE HIGH VALUE ITEMS | History

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Rick, Corey and Chumlee check out some of the rarest items ever brought into the Pawn Shop, in this Pawn Stars mega-compilation. #PawnStars

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86 Comments on “Pawn Stars: 20 SUPER RARE HIGH VALUE ITEMS | History”

    1. If it’s on CL it ain’t worth nothing but if they own it people will come out of the wood work and pay out their a$$!

  1. Client: “I have the actual Holy Grail and Excalibur here”
    Expert: “I value these items at somewhere around 750k”
    Rick: “Best I can do is a ham sandwich”
    Client: “With cheese?”
    Rick: “No”

  2. Those charizard cards he turned away are literally worth millions today. That has blown my mind. I can’t believe he turned them away.

    1. The original 1st edition or the dark set? I’ve got the original 1st ed one in a binder, hasn’t seen light in over 15 years.

    2. @YaboyReege buried deep in boxes in my parents basement from when they moved, same with my Disney VHS collection.

  3. That Charizard collection by now is well worth over 2 million… He had literally every single one that collectors drool over, not to mention a grade 10 Dark Charizard.

    1. @DARELL trust me people spend crazy money on that in auctions because actual investors involve themselves in it now

    2. I have all of mine from back then. I have the first 4 sets complete, but not first edition. Baseset Charizard, dark charizard foil, dark charizard none foil. Blaines charizard

    3. @DARELL In the current pokemon market they would sell and sell quickly i had a first edition charizard from when i was a kid it sold in mins once posted.

    1. I don’t blame him for not making him an offer, but even though he has no knowledge of Pokémon, there are tons of people out there that will spend thousands on just a single one of those Charizards, not including the pristine 10 graded one. He would have not only made hundreds of thousands, but he would’ve made millions today. This is one of those extremely rare times where having Chumlee try and negotiate the item would benefit Rick more than anybody else could.

  4. It is stunning how precious Rebecca is. In addition to being knowledgeable, witty and beautiful, she is so adorably personable.

    1. Definitly one of my favorite people from the show,i love her personality,too bad she is married am i right lmao

    2. My grandpa actually has sent 4 books to her to get appraisals on them. They talk about old literature when he’s got downtime. She’s a nice person

    3. @Karvast Yeah. Because if she weren’t married, you’d be exactly what she’s looking for. 🙄

  5. I love this show. I always admire how well they passed down knowledge to one another as a family business. Even chum 😂. Definitely inspire to have a family as strong as these guys.

    1. You do know its mostly faked. They have pre knowledge about it as it is scheduled not random walk ins and the people they call are already at the store and its mostly acting

  6. I really like Adam. He always comes in with great stuff and is more than reasonable about his asking prices.
    Adam fan indeed!!!🙂

    1. He’s in love with Rebecca like most of us. He doesn’t care about books, just wants to say hi to her every week lol.

  7. I love it when the sellers walk away from a terrible deal! ESPECIALLY in 2022 with that amazing Pokémon collection!!! Bet he’s happy Rick didn’t rip him off, haha!!

  8. Watching Rebecca’s expression during the negotiation between Adam and Rick was the best part of the video.

    1. One of ththe best and rare moments. She enjoyed every bit of it. And Adam is such a serious and passionate

  9. 1st clip, when Corey went from 200 to 350, I was genuinely surprised. They usually hit you with the 250 and then 275 before they give you a decent number 😂

    1. @Lukáš Klečka naw he lost out and if you knew you didn’t want them why have a expert to come in ?

    2. @Rubbingisracing Well, for one it’s a TV show. Expert came in to give a little insight to the viewers. Rick might also be willing to make a deal if the price was lower.

  10. No joke, the Affirmed Triple Crown trophy made me super emotional. That’s a genuinely special item representing one of the greatest racing horses of all time, and his team of trainers, owners and the jockey. What an amazing thing to see, and I hope it ends up in the right hands or, even better, a museum. I’m only sorry the original owners had to sell it. That must have been a very hard thing.

    1. The story is a little strange, a quick google shows that the expert they brought in is now trying to sell it on behalf of a mystery client for that 500k but it didn’t even sell at auction with a reserve of 125k

    2. Most museums only show a very small portion of their stock. It would be much better in a private collection. People have this bizarre romanticized notion about museums. Most of them are privately owned anyway.

  11. Two things about Rick, which have always impressed me, are his well read, knowledge of diverse historical items and his humility when he really does not know something. His business and negotiating skills come in a close second. One could learn many interesting bits from just watching this program.

  12. Cool watching these older ones where their ‘experts’ come to give a value on each item. What is even cooler is to see those same people that have since gone onto their own, or other shows. Like Will here on the Enigma machine, who has gone onto Forged in Fire.

  13. I always come back to this episode when I need a good laugh. Seeing Rick get blasted in the eye is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

    1. I can’t understand why Corey would be so dumb as to shoot something in a shop with glass around.
      Crazy cool toy! Wow so neat!

    2. @TheCharlestonian you might be right, because don’t bruises first turn a reddish-purple and they turn black a day or two later?

  14. Rebecca is the best! 👍 Her knowledge of books in general is amazing but once she gets going with American history she really shines.. it’s impressive how much she actually knows.. You can tell Rick adores her.. 😁

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