Pawn Stars: 5 SUPER HIGH PRICE APPRAISALS (Big Offers WAY Over Asking)

The experts find that these items are worth WAY more than their original asking price, in this compilation from Pawn Stars.

00:00 Captain Cook Medal
6:18 Elephant Bird Egg
10:29 Evander Holyfield & Mike Tyson Signed 1984 Olympic Ticket
16:16 WWII Ammunition Cart
22:32 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Photo and Letter

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"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

89 Comments on “Pawn Stars: 5 SUPER HIGH PRICE APPRAISALS (Big Offers WAY Over Asking)”

    1. I have an idea for Rebecca for her own show. Can you guys point me in the direction of who to send it to? Thanks

  1. The Olympic ticket is one of those things that the real value is far more than the monetary value. Priceless as they say. Good on the dude for taking it home and putting it in a frame. That’s a mantlepiece right there.

    1. The ticket is one of a kind. Probably worth around $10,000 to the right buyer. They were straight up scamming them.

    2. Pawn shop guys “he would have to wait for someone to walk in n buy it”. I doubt it.They must have numerous sport memorabilia collectors in their Rolodex they could call n sell it quick. If he could get Tyson to bite it and put teeth marks into it then…….?

  2. For anyone that doesn’t know, the show vets all of the customers beforehand. They actually have a team that finds unique items and the show determines whether or not it’s “tv material.” If it is, the customer is told to come in, but they train them to act a certain way because most regular people are nervous being on tv, so they rehearse a bit and also, they negotiate the sale of their item beforehand as well. Rick knows a lot, but he’s not some encyclopedia where everyone that walks in has something he can bring up its history about instantly. Anything about the item is researched beforehand and everything. What you see on tv is the culmination of all of this. The people in the background are also extras, since the shop closes when an episode is being filmed. So the customer and their item are real, and even though prices are negotiated beforehand, it’s still cool to see everything that goes through the shop.

  3. I know it’s staged but seeing customers deny the offer after being appraised the real value and then lowballed makes me smile. Hearing the old man with the Holyfield and Tyson signatures say, “I’ve held onto this for 37 years I think I can hold onto it a few more” was the best

    1. I would have done the same thing the old man did with the ticket…He treated him out for lunch, how much of a good person can you be to treat Mike to lunch!

    2. @Christian Pathfinder I don’t know, maybe, but some things haven’t been all that interesting worth pennies and still end up on the show, yknow?

    1. @Jon Keller it’s a TV show. Not to mention it’s a fair price. $5,000 at a pawn shop for an item worth $7500 is a good deal. It’s not an auction.

    2. @Jeff Smith Indeed. Especially if you consider that this is what it might “go for” at auction (it might not, who knows?), the auction house takes between 10 and 25% of the end price, plus a bunch of other fees (that medal isn’t something you’d sell on ebay). And he’d also need a real appraisal to get that kind of money at an auction, which also costs money. If the seller had decided to get it auctioned off it’s not unlikely that he might have ended up with less money than he got from Rick.

  4. Appraiser: “This coin is valued at $7500-$8500”
    Seller: “Wow”
    Rick: “I’ll give you this voucher for a free Big Mac Combo and a tootsie roll”

    1. Yeah if I were that dude I wouldn’t have sold it after rick said “you owe it to me”. He didn’t ask for an expert to come in. That was Rick’s dumb booty decision to do that. That guy doesn’t owe him anything.

    2. I see the opposite more.

      Seller “This coin is valued at $7500-$8500”
      Rick “Alright how much do you want for it?”
      Seller “Well I want that much!”

      Like people are shocked that a business needs to have a margin.

  5. In my opinion the expert appraiser, in whatever field, is actually a buyer and tells Rick what he is willing to pay for it. If Rick makes a deal,he calls the expert and sells it to him. He just has to negotiate a price that he can live with.

    I’ve watched Pawn Stars for a long tine and have never seen an episode where they actually sell an Item

    1. Well selling an item is a rather boring episode. The interest comes in seeing new stuff come into the store and investigating its history.

    2. @SeraphsWitness not really. I would love to see like 15 minutes at the end of a special showing people actually buying the items. The same way it’s nice seeing the experts fan girl over seeing some of these items I’d love to see the type of people who buy these things or even the auctions to see how much the eventually sell for vs what they’re bought for

    3. @v b they did that with Katie couric, it was super boring. Literally just a negotiation and she left.

  6. I love how rick knows everything about the item brought in to the shop, but needs an expert to tell him what the item is worth

    1. You dig around enough, you’ll find out that a lot of these ‘customers’ are actors that are reenacting a sale that happened previously, and the pawn star family are only in the shop during filming. In reality, the pawn store has a totally different staff and is typically so busy that the line of customers wraps around the block.

    1. Mike minimum 9-12k. If I was rich I’d think 12 grand is a steal. It’s a 1/1. maybe like 20k+ is a fair deal.

    2. @Harry Yu The comment auction keeps going up. He could probably get over 1k on ebay, especially if posted the day this aired, but there is always a risk involved. The shop needs to make money and account for that risk.

  7. Good to see the experts give impartial assesments and are not in cahoots with the Pawnshop.

    1. They’re on TV. Somebody would surely notice a discrepancy, and then their credibility and livelihood is gone forever. It would never be worth it to be in cahoots

    2. Many of the experts have been exposed for minimizing the prices of items. I think that book lady was exposed for saying something was worth less than it is in one of the videos.

    3. Robocrop Obviously not 🙂 Neither is the camera crew. I assume they just ask the sellers to return if they have a special piece, while the production manager arranges a camera crew + expert. One of the experts said in an interview that they are informed of what they will have to appraise in advance so they can better prepare. In the end I think it makes for a more accurate appraisal, albeit not as spontaneous as we’re led to believe.

    1. Best item ive seen on this show, but you heard him, “Can’t take the ticket with you…” He’s old, the money will do him better for his family aswell

  8. Imagine how disappointed the guy was when he got a picture of the restored ammo cart! Imagine paying $1400 for that restoration.

    1. I agree. I think its much more valuable as it was. He removed the history, he replaced the ribs with non-authentic parts. It looks like you could buy that thing at a flea market for $30.00

  9. Captain Cook discovered/founded Australia. I’m glad Rick knows who he is. This guy was definitely selling himself short at $50-100. This would be something that a museum would be happy to get their hands on.

    1. IKR. I’m surprised that they didn’t mention it, made me question whether Captain Cook was the one discovered Australia.

    2. @Joy Every civilization has taken over somewhere. I can guarantee that the native populations you speak of are not the original inhabitants of those lands in many cases.

    3. They get coached on who and what is, etc.
      They don’t just have knowledge about everything, sorry

    4. @David Bryson Australian Aboriginals are the longest surviving civilisation on earth, dating back 75 thousand years. I think it is safe to assume they are in fact, the original inhabitants.

  10. The thing I like about this Pawn shop is how they don’t rip people off, if they think something is valuably they get it evaluated.

    1. expert: “I’d say this is a …
      … $100K item.”

      (later) rick: “I know the expert said 100K, but to be honest with you… I’m gonna have to hang this on the wall, it might take a while to sell… tell you what. I’ll give you…
      … fifteen-hundred bucks.”

    2. “Plus I have to frame and clean it”
      “But it is a giant egg sir”
      “Doesn’t matter. More money out of my pocket”

  11. I love the delightful way rick has a deep understanding of the thing got to the shop, yet needs a specialist to let him know the thing worth

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