Pawn Stars: 7 HIGH VALUE APPRAISALS (Major Money for Super Rare Items) | History

With help from the experts, the Pawn Stars crew appraises seven rare items worth massive amounts of cash in this Pawn Stars compilation.

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"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

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95 Comments on “Pawn Stars: 7 HIGH VALUE APPRAISALS (Major Money for Super Rare Items) | History”

    1. Yeah if I was him, and he was asking for 1k, I would have just said, deal since I know at the worst case scenario, make money of the gold even if they artifacts were not worth much

    2. He has an image he has to keep up, if someone found out that Rick scammed some guy and underpayed him by a lot he’d be in serious trouble

  1. 16:46 dude wearing a wedding shirt saying “game over” than says that’s your opinion. dude got it all worked out 🙂

    1. @Agustín77 for real lmao. “Usually when you get an appraisal you’re going to get my opinion so.” And it only got more awkward

  2. I love when Chum drops the act for 30 seconds and you see he’s actually smart and his persona is all an act.

    1. like how Rick is pretending to make a tough decision over a $500 price difference on a $25,000 item that he’s drooling over.

    2. his early persona wasnt an act, he used to be a VERY BAD addict. he was wasted for the first 10 seasons atleast. hes always been smart but his “durr” persona was from drugs and alcohol.

    1. @Chaoswraith Until you discover that you can keep your assets and borrow against them at almost 0%. Selling family heirlooms and collectibles for “spending money” is just about the dumbest thing someone can do.

  3. its actually super ethical and a breath of fresh air doing the appraisals right in front of the customer.

    1. that’s what i was thinking! yes they may end up paying way more than the owner originally asked for, but at least they can’t come back upset once they figure out they could’ve gotten way more.

    2. You think the pawn shop isn’t working with the ‘guys they know’ ? They tell the guys they know to always say it’s worth less, to get a better price from the owner.

  4. I love how Rick went into someone else’s shop and just had the heart to be totally honest about the true value of something instead of just skimming away with the cheap price.

    1. It’s totally awesome to see that, however mat i say at this level he’s somehow ”showing off” and this works wonders for his (and his businesses) PR. Still appreciate it though

    2. @A T
      Agreed. Flex though it may be, he still gave him all the information. Heck, he might’ve done it in the hopes to encourage him to learn more about some things he gets so he’s not scammed by someone else. He wasn’t trying to act like a know it all, he just couldn’t walk away without being honest. And that’s a very good quality, especially in someone who barters so often.

    3. Yeah for sure, because he really loves what he’s doing he probably wants to educate people about items they don’t know true value off and the history behind.

    1. And they would never have work again if people become sus of them, in the long run it’s better for bussiness

    2. @Rodjer Dankist well not all but on the show a decent amount, off the show its legit and that is how they make their money the tv show brings in money but mainly customer’s

    3. They are paid actors he could offer him all the money in the world and all the land in world plus all the planets,ect

      does not mean he is paying also the episode on tv would bring in more money even if they did over pay on pawn stars.

  5. Love Pawn Stars, and 70% of the time I agree with prices they pay. They have to store it, pay auction fees etc. It’s a business and they must make money! On the flip side sometimes what they offer is totally ridiculous. 11k for a 18k coin is way low. I wouldn’t have let that go for less than 15k.

    1. Its a TV show so these people are pre-screened they know the score and going to get low balled for 15 seconds of fame

    2. The shop seems to base pricing around making a ~30% margin (a pretty normal retail margin), so at 15 they wouldn’t have bought. Obviously 11 is still a little low so in this case they made a little extra

    3. @Taylor Pineau In several cases involving valuable metals or jewels, they’ve relented from their 30-50% margin and taken about a 10% margin. My theory is that the item is going to turn around quickly, costing the pawn shop less to handle it.

    4. Disregard the history behind the coin, and it’s worth like 1700. Not really a low ball if you ask me. History behind the gold doesn’t mean anything to me. That’s a 1700 dollar coin to me.

  6. I’ll always have respect for what Rick did to the first guy. He could have answered: “Yeah, $1000 sure, take it.” but no, he told him the truth. Big respect.

    1. Lmaoo he’s on TV. Would be pretty easy for it to come out that he scams his customers and then he wouldn’t have a store anymore. I guess common sense is something we respect in people now?

    2. They are paid actors he could offer him all the money in the world and all the land in world plus all the planets,ect

      does not mean he is paying also the episode on tv would bring in more money even if they did over pay on pawn stars.

  7. The part of this episode where Rick was completely honest about the Samurai helmet to the antique shop owner gave me a big smile. Rick educated and offered him a GREAT lesson and deal.

    Kudos Rick for your knowledge and honesty.

    1. ​@KotoamatsukamiYou don’t have to bash the guy for being happy over a show he clearly likes

  8. I like when Rick goes to the other pawn shop to basically show his knowledge and assert his dominance over the regular pawn store owner. Power move.

  9. The fact that the guy wanted $1000 for everything but Rick pointed out that he had more than that in just gold from the bracelet commends mad respect!

    1. Ricks honesty was on point, when it was discovered that the helmet was worth 2500, the owner should have been notified. But let’s be real that guy probably just gave them what they wanted and not the extra money Rick paid

    2. To be fair, they discuss the amount before they film the offers. Makes ya sad how staged it all is..m

    1. That’s something I truly admire about them. They’ll never take advantage of anyone. Everything is very transparent.

    2. How did he not know that?!? That guy really didn’t know at all what he had hahaha. How do you not research what you’re selling ya know. At least get an approximate value of what you have.

  10. The helmet seemed like one of the most fair deals I’ve seen on the show. I think everyone walked away happy from that one

  11. I love how the woman giving her expert opinion just gave that long silent pause when the guy said “WeLl tHaTs yOuR OpInIoN” 😆

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