Pawn Stars: Albert Einstein’s Handwritten Math (Season 15) | History

Rick physically geeks out over some equation notes handwritten by Nobel Prize winner Albert Einstein in this clip from "E Equals MC Pawn". #PawnStars
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Pawn Stars
Season 15
Episode 05
E Equals MC Pawn

"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

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73 Comments on “Pawn Stars: Albert Einstein’s Handwritten Math (Season 15) | History”

  1. Imagine the expression of derision Einstein would have if he saw his work being pawned of on a reality show.

    1. jeffw1267 yea oath people dont realise he didn’t think of himself as extremely famous most of our understanding of his greatness came after his death

  2. I love the obvious arrangement Rick has with his appraisers. You authenticate the item and lowball the customer, and I’ll keep hiring you.

    1. No he fucking doesn’t. Everything here is scripted including the actors. Show me where it says he has a PhD in Astrophysics and I’ll hold my mouth.

    1. Chris, feel free to buy it yourself, and resell it for double if you think the price was too low.

  3. This expert is clearly a scam artist. There is no way it’s $5,000 for a math equation written by one of the smartest people of all time

    1. true value of any item is what someone is willing to pay, someone out there would probably be willing to pay upto a million dollars for it

  4. Rick goes to a restaurant and gets his bill for $20.

    “I’ll give you $10”

    “Sir this is a restaurant. The price is non negotiable”

    “Listen man, I’m the one taking all the risk here. I could get food poisoning, and chances are I wont be able to sell it for anything after it comes out my cornhole. Best I can do is $13”

  5. Oh man I’d love to keep something like that for myself instead of getting it for money. On the flip side, selling it for the purposes of sharing this kind of stuff with the world and spreading the influences of a great mind is priceless

  6. I have a PhD in theoretical physics, so I feel like I should let the viewers know that unfortunately, that uppercase lambda that Rick pointed out is not the cosmological constant. The cosmological constant is a constant, or scalar. The lambda on the paper has indices, which immediately tells us that it is a tensor. Most likely, it is a Lorentz transformation and the comma indicates that a derivative is taken with respect to alpha. The cosmological constant is in fact denoted by the same Greek uppercase lambda; however, it would not have any indices.

    1. Rick “obviously” doesn’t understand the “concept of mathematics” when trying to negotiate a deal for the item.!!

    2. Also he said the the cosmological constant hasn’t been used since the last 20s, and there plenty of equations that still make use of it.

    3. I noticed the indices also. Though I am surprised Rick would even know that the cosmological constant was lambda.

  7. I’m triggered 😂😂 Rick paid
    $150,000 for a wooden everlasting gobstopper and he was willing to give 3k for an actual handwritten Albert Einstein Math equation 🤯

  8. Rick and Corey are so lucky. To even hold a something that one of the smartest people to ever walk the earth held, and used to make a math problem on.

    1. Pale Zombie exactly 😆 the pawn owners and experts be like “let’s rob people, you tell them it’s a fake and we give you a percentage when we sell it for much More!”

    2. Steve gradis actually a legit fraud and has certified closeto 250,000,000 dollars worth of maybe authentic relics. Dude before him drew max, was caught certifying fake items as well and even fd up on the show itself saying a god father script was signed by al paccino whenn it was actually signed by al ruddy

    3. There experts but tell them a lower price like its worth 25000 oh ill do 14000 but its rlly like 50000

  9. I wonder how many times Rick had to sound out “cosmological constant” when reading that script the first time.

    1. Probably not a lot.

      For some non educated people like yourself, it would take many attempts.

    2. @C Burkens I think he means that even though it is scripted, the deals are real and Rick is actually a really smart guy.

  10. It’s crazy how Rick is smarter than Einstein and just happens to know everything about every piece that walks through his doors!

    1. It’s even more surprising when his son Correy knows about something

      I think they get told in advance when someone is coming with something interesting. They must talk over the phone or email. There’s no way someone from states away would travel to a pawn shop in Las Vegas to test their luck over there

    2. @A M G It’s because the show is loosely scripted. The producers pick which items will be on the show and then research the item and pass the information to whoever is going to be behind the counter.

  11. You just never know what something is worth. Only what someone will pay. Was fun to watch. Great video

  12. Einstein was brilliant, but his main strength was his persistence and focus. Mathematicians who are/were more intelligent didn’t achieve as much as he did because he would not abandon an idea, he would pursue a question until he answered it.

  13. I’m surprised the value is so high because there must be a huge supply of samples like these. Einstein did physics for decades, he probably wrote 20 things like this sample every day of his career.

    1. If you believe Rick knew about this document before it came in his shop, have l got a bridge for you!

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