Pawn Stars: Extremely Rare 1895 Morgan Dollar | History

A hugely sought-after Morgan dollar — one of only 880 minted — comes into the shop, and its owner wants six figures for it in this collection of scenes from "Last Call Pawn."

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Pawn Stars
Season 15
Episode 17
Last Call Pawn

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51 Comments on “Pawn Stars: Extremely Rare 1895 Morgan Dollar | History”

    1. Plus many of the specialty shops like coin shops take on a consignment for a coin rather than buyiing it outright like a pawn shop. and then they charge like 25% to basically display at their shop. And in many of these consignment based shops, the item is put on display but the store employees are not encouraged to sell the products (unless employee is given commission). so you don’t know when your item will get sold.

    2. Dave Amsbaugh
      well some coin shop take stuff on consignment rather than outright cash and the owner sets the price. and the coin shop gets a percent of the final price.

  1. I hate how jerks think their stuff is worth way more than it is. He’s asking double what’s it’s worth lol.

    1. I agree man that drives me nuts and trust me nobody will ever pay that for that coin not in his lifetime and probably not even his kids lifetime in another 85-100 years yes probably. Is it very rare yes but not$100,000 rare Rick actually offered a lot more for it then I thought he would i was thinking he would offer $25,000 maybe $30,000 at the most but that was it if it was me i woulda taken the deal all day long

    2. Like the idiots at a booth in a truck stop in Fort Wayne, IN that sell Gold, Silver and Copper bullion. Double the price of the going rate. With silver at around $14/oz. They were trying to sell it for $28/oz.

  2. “I just thought he would fall in love with it and pay 50 large more than it’s value” These lunatics never cease to amaze….Lol

    1. 100k is too much, but just because 2 previous ones went for 50k doesn’t mean that’s what it is worth. It’s worth what people pay for it, otherwise it’s just a piece of metal. If he finds a collector with a shitload of money and no supply, he can sell it for 60-70. It’s not like it has a sticker price.

  3. “I was hoping he would just fall in love with it and have to have it” Rick does love his history, but he loves his money more

  4. Actually $40k was a fair offer. Rick would’ve flipped it quickly for $42 to $48k to his collector base. At auction you might do better, but then you have auction fees.

  5. I got to hold one of these once (the same coin the the same case). It was like magic in my hands. The owner was a retired teacher from my high school who drove the bus. How he had that kind of money was beyond me. The coin was sold at auction when he died. I have no idea where it went, sadly.

  6. I’m a Morgan dollar collector and I’d have no problem paying 50k for that if I had the money. That’s a coin that needs to go to auction. It is THE utmost sought after dollar

    1. @auxmike “NORMAN! … NORMAN! Where is my coin, NORMAN? You’re not trying to sell it again, are you?”

  7. I never say this but I really like this customer. Classy , understands the value of what his item is & respects the offer of its true value

    1. I’m gonna try that with my unopened mew card from the first Pokemon movie I have two so Two Million dollars I feel they are worth.

  8. The issue with the 1895 Proof Morgan is that since there were no circulation strikes, most collectors don’t consider it necessary for a circulation Morgan Dollar set. It’s a beautiful coin though!

  9. When he said, “We as a family decided on $100K.”, I’m surprised Rick didn’t summon Corey & the Old Man, and counter, “We as a family decided on $40K.”. 😂

  10. It would be great if they were follow up, shows to people who didn’t sell to the shop and what the outcome was of what they were trying to sell. Did they get what they wanted? Did they go back and sell it to Rick?

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