Pawn Stars – Gold Pieces | History

The guys strike gold with a rare double eagle coin.

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34 Comments on “Pawn Stars – Gold Pieces | History”

  1. Just doing a check, the coin in AU 55 condition is going for $4,600….The guy got a good price so quickly.

  2. Expert : this could minimally be worth 40K dollars
    Rick : how much do you want for it ?
    Customer : 34K

  3. Customer: I have this hat that was worn by one of Rick’s experts
    Rick: I have a buddy who is an expert on hats worn by Rick’s experts, you alright if I get him to come down and check it out?

  4. Guy could have gotten at least 50k for that coin if he was a little smarter. Put it on ebay or find some collector site where you can sell it, and set the starting price at 60k. Sure, people are going to bargain, but you’re gonna get a lot more than you’ll get from a pawn shop. All you need is patience.

  5. You can always see how Ricks slow eyes/movements and tussles with customers of products suddenly changes BOOM the second he shakes their hand because he knows he just made a ton of money every time. Like turning on his heel and running with that coin to certify it and make a ton of moola. But thats pawn shops/stars, offer someone enough money for something and they’ll almost always take it, regardless of its potential worth somewhere else

  6. I used to be a coin collector, but I have never seen coin experts just touch coins with their bare hands.

  7. “I got a canadian F-35 for sale” Rick: “Since it’s not an american F-35 it’s worth way less” facepalm

    1. It’s supply and demand. These gold coins don’t sell for the spot price of gold, people pay a premium for the rarity of the coin. Canadian minted gold coins are not as rare as American ones from that period.

  8. _Finally_ we have a man who understands how a pawn shop works.

    Expert – “It’s worth $40,000 at minimum”

    Seller – “$34,000 and you’ve got a deal”

    I was prepared for him to say he wanted $40K but…nope! The man actually understood how the game worked for once.

    1. he did actually. they cut out the haggling in this video of it but in another it shows him saying he was 40k straight off

  9. 2:00 The question you should be asking is, where this guy that skipped out on bail get such a rare coin? 🤔

  10. Wow, I am absolutely astounded Rick actually gave the guy 34k for a coin at a 40k evaluation. I was expecting him to low ball at like 20-25k.

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