Pawn Stars: HOLY GRAIL DISCOVERIES *Part 1* (7 Super Rare High Value Items) | History

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Rick and Chum are ready for big deals and big dollars when they discover 7 "holy grails," from Nike collections to rare pistols, in this Pawn Stars mega-compilation. #PawnStars #RickHarrison
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"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

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74 Comments on “Pawn Stars: HOLY GRAIL DISCOVERIES *Part 1* (7 Super Rare High Value Items) | History”

    1. I laughed so hard when the guy was walking away and rick said…600k and the dramatic music starts playing lmfao

  1. I respect the fact that the owner was honest and told the guy the GW letter was probably worth a lot more than he wanted instead of just giving him the $3500 and sending him on his way

    1. He definitely wouldn’t have said that if he knew it was real tho. It would’ve been a risk as it wasn’t actually signed by him

    1. Agreed! Even if some of it is fake and people complain about low balling, Rick is so fascinating to listen to, guy is so smart. Show is amazing and I learn so much from it lol

  2. I agree with Chum but I also agree with Rick. Too much hassle. You’d need a bigger warehouse just to store it and several extra employees to sort, package, display, and market those shoes.

    1. crazy because that one pair of shoes he claimed were 5k ( the Paris dunks) are now selling for 10x that amount lol offer to pay the man to use his building where the shoes are all perfectly stored/displayed and they probably could have sold the lot within a year

  3. I’m so glad Hendrix’s guitar wasn’t sold at such a stupidly low price. That dude definitely knew it’s worth.

    1. About the Jimi’s stratocaster… Where is the “strap button hole” on the lower horn “cutaway” ? 14:25 Come on…

    2. … it was there for the show. Figuratively and literally the show.. This show were watching, and free advertisement for the guitar.

  4. Everyone gives Rick grief but everytime a seller doesn’t know how valuable their item is and low balls it he tells them it’s actually worth more and I think that’s honorable

    1. Because he needs the expert to authenticate it and the expert will say what it’s worth (at least in terms of the show)

    2. @ChrisChin94 I’m talking about when he knows off the top of his shiny head that it’s far more valuable than what the seller is asking

    3. @ChrisChin94 There’s been times where he tells them it’s worth more than they are asking even before the expert shows up. With the viking gold bracelet, for example, he told the guy just the weight of the item in gold, even without the historical significance, was worth more than what the guy was asking. Then after the expert showed up it was worth *way* more than the guy was asking, lol.

  5. I love whenever the people come in and get more than they expect, then what they do is either invest, have it for their kids college fund, or go on family vacations, it’s a great thing to see at the end of these

  6. Just FYI: Jimi’s Strat went for over 2 million in a Sotheby’s auction in 2019. Dude did the right thing. And Rick could have made 1.25 million.

    1. The strat that sold for 2 million wasn’t the one in this video, it was the one Hendrix played at Woodstock. The head stock was reversed on that one and it’s not on the Pawn Stars guitar.
      Another from his earlier career sold for 2.2 million but I believe, from what I’ve read, that the strat in this episode is actually owned by Jesse Amoroso, the expert Rick calls in. Whether he bought it before or after it appeared on the show is unknown…

    2. @Rick Hambleton he bought it after because Rick passed and gave him blessing for Amorosso to buy it. At least that is what I heard from a guy deep in the guitar world.

    3. @Jeremy Stark do you know how much Amorosso bought it for? and what happened to it afterwards? did he resell it or does he still have it?

    4. About the Jimi’s stratocaster… Where is the “strap button hole” on the lower horn “cutaway” ? 14:25 Come on…

  7. To be fair to Rick it can’t be an easy job to price everything that comes into the store. Sometimes he must get burned and sometimes he must do well but overall I think he’s a good guy

    1. Every pawn shop (and they talk about it on the show) looks up what stuff is going for online.

      There’s a line stretching down the street. Agents walk the line and see what people have for sale and select the interesting ones for the show. They then do their research to prepare before they film. None of this is done “cold.”

    2. I remember that episode where rick went to an auction and he lost a lot of money… everybody thinks that just because one item was sold for X quantity another one will go for ever more money.. the experts even say “in a good day you could” he has to count with the base price, ot the max he could get.

    3. @Blind Justice Online doesn’t mean anything though. You can go on eBay and find stuff for high prices that are sitting there for years because no one wants to pay that much.

  8. I’m shocked how much the 90s pokemon cards can go for now in perfect condition. I had all of the 90s pokemon, and my mother, being the kind soul she is, gave them to a little boy who had none. Breaks my heart everytime i think about it!!!

    1. My parents threw out tens of thousands of my cards, all in perfect condition, when I was a child, because I didn’t want to clean my room. My father regrets it nowadays. Found a few of my old cards that I managed to keep worth a couple hundred and a couple worth a thousand

    2. I feel this. My mom sold my sister and I’s collection for like $5 for a whole book of em in a garage sale when I was in HS. We did get some nice cash on some old movies, toy cars, and vintage Barbie’s though👌🏼

  9. Woah, offering Chum 2% makes him really work harder. Letting go of that Nike’s collection was the Charizard episode all over again, makes me wanna cry.

  10. Good to see Rick having the integrity to tell the letter guy that the G. Washington letter would be worth WAY more than $3500.

    1. The guy was NEVER going to sell to Rick, he (and a majority of the people on this video) was just advertising his collection to their audience

  11. Man what a blast to the past. My parents bought me the Defiant G.I. Joe toy. Totally forgot about it until I just saw this. Thanks for bringing back those wonderful memories Pawn Stars!

  12. I really respect that if a customer misunderstands and super lowballs a price, Rick doesn’t just take it but ensures that the customer gets a fair deal

    1. If he didn’t his show would be ruined lol he makes more money off the show then if he low balled people

    2. Ya seriously Rick could’ve gotten so many amazing deals but he ensures they know what they have before they sell. And Rick himself pays the experts to tell him to give them more money!! So Rick loses all around by being honest, except for in reputation, it makes us all look at him as an honorable man.

  13. Chum was right Rick should have taken that deal. An huge epic shoe collection in their shop! What a dope marketing technique

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