Pawn Stars: HOLY GRAIL DISCOVERIES *Part 2* (4 More Shocking Big $$$ Items) | History

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Check out 4 more jaw-dropping items with a major price tag that Rick, Corey and Chum just have to have, in this Pawn Stars mega-compilation. #PawnStars #RickHarrison
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"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

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93 Comments on “Pawn Stars: HOLY GRAIL DISCOVERIES *Part 2* (4 More Shocking Big $$$ Items) | History”

    1. Thanks to you Rick and your famely i can find some peace of mind in these crazy times. im a big fan of your show! im from the neterlands iff these crazy times hopenly will pas i hope to ones vissit your store in Vegas and thank you in person greetings to you ,Cory and chum sad to have heard of the passing of your father the oldman he was such a caracter and i always lovend the banter between you all ! good luck to you and your famely

    1. @Dodong Kiko
      So true. He has big clients always looking for certain rare coins. I would bet they have a few people that easily would pay 50k.

    2. @Joe Schmo Rick also has people that help him look for buyers but he will have to give them some percentage of that sale to the agent who’s working with them

  1. Customer: “I want $30,000”
    Expert: “It’s worth $30,000”

    Rick: “$4,000 and I am really pushing it here”

    1. @Pratyush Customer: Yeah, and I’m taking my highly valuable item back in the car and out to someone that will give me what it’s worth.

  2. The mom who came last to sell those old books is really a beautiful soul. May god bless her and her daughter.

  3. Rick got upset the guy left. His jacket was estimated 30-40k and he offered 15. What does he expect lmao

    1. Uhm, well you realize they offer half everytime, right? Doesn’t matter what they expect, they won’t post more than half, any time they seem “upset” it’s literally all acting and character.

  4. It was cool to see the absolute trust Rick had for the old man when he threw down that 34k for the coin.

    1. @Henry Powers It could have been graded MS63 by PCGS or NGC, yet that is certainly taking a chance. It is a good thing that they did not go any higher than 34K for sure. It looks like a MS, and a Grader could have given it a MS60, MS61, MS62, MS63, or MS64. That being said, a 1861-S, presently on PCGS Price Guide is worth between $17.5K for MS60 to $80K for MS63. If it grades MS62 they have more than the money they paid, they are OK.

    2. That’s because coins were the old man’s thing. After leaving the Navy, he originally opened a coin/collectible shop, and it was Rick that convinced him to turn it into a pawn shop.

    3. They are playing off each other both for the show and the customer. Even if this show wasn’t set up, you could see it in the old mans eyes that the deal was already done, he couldn’t take his eyes off the coin.

  5. “It’s in really rough shape, it’s had repairs on it”
    Rick Harrison talking about a 100 year old magician’s jacket.

    1. Yeah that was one of the more ridiculous things I’ve heard Rick say. What did he expect? A price tag to still be on it?

    2. to be fair there have been articles of clothing like George Washington’s jacket that were way older & in much better shape, plus the owner himself even admitted his family had played around in the straight jacket as kids

  6. If you didn’t know: The Houdini Jacket guy ended up selling the jacket. He sold it for around 47K. He sold the jacket in late 2011 a couple months after the episode aired on television. He ended up getting more money than Rick would ever have given up so good for him!

    1. That’s so cool that Houdini’s jacket was worth way more. It might be worthless to some people, but I think the fact of owning Houdini’s straight-jacket would be priceless.

    2. Can’t believe he kept a straight face and offered him 15k when the expert literally said somewhere around 42k. This guy is way too greedy on making profits 🤣

  7. I love Rick, there’s no consistency in his offers, sometimes he shots for 30 percent, sometimes 15, Cory always 55 to 60.

    1. @hxhdfj ifzir st c well are you telling us, a houdini jacket wont sale at LAS VEGAS PAW SHOP ? lol last year a sotheby auction sell sold 7poster of houdini, between 35k$ and 150k$ each…and here he had a houdini jacket, the only one authentified by photo , a piece that can be with the photo exposed in vitrin in many hotel or shop of las vegas…i agree with you, their job is to make money, so cut the price by 30-80%, and people often accept it because they come there for have quick cash, but when you got a jackpot, dont be to greedy^^

    2. @ERIK LEROUGEUH I agree 1000% rick wasnt even playing in the same league here.. Way out of the ballpark. Its worth 30-45 k as the magician said and youre gonna offer 15?? 😷😅

    3. @ERIK LEROUGEUH I don’t really know what is so hard to grasp about this but this show is reality tv. The items are not necessarily all actually for sale. They pay people to bring certain items in that will generate interest in the tv show. Some of the people who come in to “sell” their items, know fully well that they will be going to sell them in an auction but agree to come on the show for the money first.

    1. You’re kind of always at a disadvantage when going into a pawn shop, because they deal with making deals on a daily basis. They know how to guide people to the price they want, they know how to read people to see if they’re getting close to cracking on a compromised price. Really, it’s important to prepare and know what you have before you even come in, and know the fair price is some percentage below market value. Hold steady at that, and know when you’re too far apart to make a deal. Even a dry run at another pawn shop or two that you don’t intend to sell to, is good for determining the value people are willing to pay.

    2. The sad part is how heartbroken the lady was about the books, as she walked away she touched it once last time as a good bye.

    1. It’s more amazing they come in within a few minutes. Must have 100 experts located a block or two away.

    2. The show and people and items are pre screened and determined if they are interesting enough for tv before hand. All the people walking around the shop are also extras. So while it is scripted the people and the actors are legit.

    3. And the “expert” are just chosen to be TV likeable. Most of them know their stuff but they’re not actually friends with Rick.

    4. @Ludi Điđimilović
      First off, no need to be rude! You’re under no obligation to be rude.

      Second, that’s not how you spell “scripted”.

      Third, you do realise they live in Vegas. They have nearly everything in Vegas. I know you think Las Vegas is this fantasy realm that only exists in movies, but it is real and it’s not just a Casino Disneyland!

  8. I don’t blame the last lady at all. She said she was bad with negotiating and you ALWAYS ask for more. I think his offer was perfectly fair but she still knows she is supposed to ask higher after. 🙂 Win-Win.

    1. I’m going to tell the truth, the last lady was not very intelligent and you can tell it by her reaction during Rebecca’s evaluation. But yes, it’s was a win-win negotiation.

    2. only one book was 1500-1800 and there is 4 books so it was far from a fair offer… she got robbed XD 6-7k in value sold for 1k ….

    3. to be fair I wouldve just kept them for their historical value. myabe in 20-30 years they will be more expensive specially in that condition

    1. Unless you are in love television where the owners of the pawn shop would get crucified if they made someone a terrible offer and got away with it. It makes them feel bad and their first offer would be way higher than usual… plus he gets so much money from the tv, he could have bought those books for 5k and netted more money from the show and the item

    2. @Trash Sombra a 10 second google search said Corey makes 15k per episode why would they do the show if they weren’t being paid

    1. It would have to be a show like pawnstars where she’s the only woman on the show it’s kind of like a woman showing up at a man’s prison 😆

  9. The Houdini Jacket was one of the most interesting items I’ve ever seen on Pawn Stars. Not just the history and authentication but the negotiation part too. I know Rick’s famous for his low-ball offers but I think even he knew he went too far by offering $15K for a $45K item lol, I think that crosses the line from negotiating to just being offensive lol. No surprise he jumped to $25K on next offer and even less of a surprise the guy ended up not selling anyway.

  10. It’s such a shame about how after the old man passed away, everyone on the show seemed to just go completely down hill. Chumlee getting pinched for pot, and Corey losing the shop completely is just so sad. It’s as if a chain of poor fortune sparked off the moment he passed

  11. I’m so glad the guy kept his jacket. Just a amazing jacket to pass down for generations which would only make it worth more over the years. There is someone who will pay what it’s worth.

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