Pawn Stars: HOLY GRAIL DISCOVERIES *Part 3* (7 More Super Rare Items)

Rick, Corey and Chum are ready to make a deal – and fast – when these 7 epically rare items come into the pawn shop, in this Pawn Stars mega-compilation.

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"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

102 Comments on “Pawn Stars: HOLY GRAIL DISCOVERIES *Part 3* (7 More Super Rare Items)”

    1. _@__2:15__ let me get a buddy of mine is down here because that’s a lot of money in it actually takes a third-party to index an actual price When it comes to private purchasing an exchange, I’m pretty sure my buddy would make it lower for me_

  1. That coin is amazing. 44 BC he said, that makes the coin over 2000 years old. It’s just wild to think about, someone back then held that in their hands, kept it in their pockets or purse. Traded for things with it, etc.

    1. In that condition, it was most likely stashed away in a pot or something or it was discovered along with many others in similar condition as “hoards”. So these weren’t in circulation that much. I have a collection of Roman Denarius and some look like they’re in “like new just strict yesterday condition” and those were found in a well preserved hoard and sold on coin dealer sites. Generally more worn coins like the lower face value bronze coins would be way more worn than silver coins because they were used in common day to day transactions like buying bread or wine.

    2. @TheHighTower Oh that’s interesting. Yeah I don’t know too much about coins or whatever especially older coins like this, but it’s just interesting to me to think how old it is. Not like fossil old, but something that would’ve been held and owned by the people of that long ago. That being said the “Ides of March” angle to it makes me think it might have been a more ceremonial coin than actual currency, or something to be used almost as a statement of power or political statement or whatever. Like “we stabbed Julius Caesar!” and of course that’s also further highlighted by the daggers on the coin as well. Who knows. Just fascinating to think about.

    1. @DirtLevel you don’t say 😂 someone just rocked up with a coin worth 150k then waited 30mins for s guy to turn up 😂😂

  2. Am I the only one who finds the experts reactions to being able to touch something they’ve heard about extremely wholesome?

    1. A lot of times it’s the “expert” that owns the item and the “seller” is just some guy. The show is faker than fake.

  3. Rick, explaining history to the seller and expert, who both already know more than he does, sounds exactly like how I sounded as a 7 year old telling my parents everything I knew about every animal in the zoo.

    1. Yea you can see some of the sellers looking at Rick like “yea, yea, let’s just get to the money part dude.”

    1. $20K for something the expert said could go for $75-100K. Chum is lucky he was wearing that sword.

  4. Being a veteran I think the 6th Army Alamo, patch is so cool. I also think it’s sad that many things like it end up in pawn shops instead of museums. I wish things like that would be passed down thur the family, or given to a local museum.

    1. It was passed down. Thats why it ended up in a pawn shop. Museums dont pay, so greedy people dont donate.

    2. @Rod X They used to pay. some museums pay at auctions if something catches their attention badly. Just most of the time they don’t and rely on donations

    3. I’m very glad she didn’t sell it. I hope she keeps it in her family. If it was worth enough money to buy a home or some property, I could understand….but not at $5,000. That’s nothing. I’d keep it.

  5. My favourite line in all these episodes is “this was my great grandfather’s that was handed down each generation. It means a lot to the family” ….. Goes and sells it 🤣🤣🤣

    1. @IDK just because you have the right to do something doesn’t make it morally right does it 🤣

    1. The funny thing is that he was so giddy about it that it made Chumlee skeptical about the valuation.

  6. The Russian Sword one was actually pretty reasonable on both parts. Chumley laid out his reason for his price very politely and reasonably and the seller refused with a reasonable expectation of what he could get otherwise.

    1. No lmao. Dude never intended to sell it. It’s all scripted. That’s why offered so laughably little

    2. I agree. From a logical risk taking standpoint, Chum is absolutely correct. It doesn’t matter what “it could sell for”. Chum was looking, as any Pawn Shopper must, at the history of selling the object, and with the information he had (eventhough it was not the right market), it still came in underprice.

    3. A battle sword right and there’s no Nicks in it it’s got a perfect blade it looks like tourist trash if you ask me

  7. This is a priceless family heirloom that was passed down from generation to generation so of course I’m going to sell it to a pawn shop. Great morals. Your Grandpa would be proud

    1. Why are you so judgmental? She may have needed the money and used the “family trip” excuse to respect her family’s privacy. She doesn’t need to tell the world she needs the money to pay for say, cancer treatment, her deadbeat hubby’s gambling addiction, or any other legitimate reason people need fast cash.

    2. She said she was going to give it to her son. Her son will pawn it for $20 dollars to buy beer.
      This is happening a lot lately, with boomers dying and their kids or grandkids pawn priceless family heirlooms for party money. It’s kind of sad.

      A friend of mine got some very old solid silver dollars for one dollar each. A teenager paid for a frozen pizza with them at Walmart.
      My friend was behind him in line, & asked where he got them. He said his grandfather left them to him.
      My friend bought them from the cashier, who was happy to have paper dollars instead. 👀

  8. My favorite Rick line is “There is a huge market for this, I want it.” Followed by “There really isn’t a market for this, it’s gonna sit around for a long time.” I think that’s the funniest thing on this show.

    1. The thing is, he’s right both times. The coin is going to draw a ton of interest. How many people do you know that would think it was cool? Probably a lot.

      But then, how many of them would pay over $100,000 for a coin they can’t use? Probably none. Valuable items need to sell to be worth buying for him, and people don’t just walk into pawn shops looking to drop 100 grand, you usually go to pawn shops to get a deal.

  9. Rick explaining the history to sellers that clearly know more about their item is one of the strangest things about this show

    1. That’s because the producers have already researched every item that gets brought onto the show prior to filming the encounter. That way it appears Rick, Chumley, and Cory knows about almost every item

  10. Whoever puts together/edits these videos deserves a medal. So clean and easy to digest. The people in charge of the title and thumbnail definitely overdo it sometimes, but honestly I don’t care because I’m happy for the Pawn Stars content

    1. *I’m saying this as I’m binge watching the content. This specific video isn’t that far off with the thumbnail/title. I mean, Chumlee, Rick, AND Corey literally says “Holy Grail”. Overall, I’m glad to see the content, keep it up please!

  11. It’s insane to me how people can take family heirlooms and sell them to go for a week to disney world that their kids won’t remember in 10 years.

    1. I do remember my family’s Disney drip as a kid and I loved it . . Actually not Disney so much but I did love Epcot and universal studios.

  12. Wants 40,000, gets told it’s worth 75,000, gets offered 20,000 💀 I swear sometimes the balls those guys get

    1. Let’s see how well you do owning a retail business that pays full market price for everything! Good luck staying in business with that mindset 😀

    2. @Lotton The Wizard  Exactly, if I wanted full retail value for something the last place I’d go is a pawn shop.

  13. Handed down from G Father, to Son, then to daughter who sells it to a pawn shop…….so much respect shown!

  14. Rick always knows the whole story behind every item and coming up so quickly to his mind like he just read them…

    1. I’m pretty sure they are lined up to show their items and Rick has a heads up on what’s coming so he does quick research on items so it sounds like he knows what he’s talking about.

  15. I love this show because a prime example of never leaving anything for your kids . If it’s not them who would sell it or throw it away it will be their kids . They just don’t appreciate things that where handed to them ; the girl was willing to sell what her family has passed down to her for a vacation

    1. I went to a retirement seminar years ago (currently retired seven years) and that’s exactly what the expert told the group.

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