Pawn Stars: “I Got a Buddy!” (10 Expert Appraisals for Rare Items) | History

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When the Pawn Stars need an expert opinion – they've always got a buddy they can call! Check out ten times the Pawn Stars called in a friend to appraise high value items, in this digital exclusive mega-compilation. #PawnStars #RickHarrison
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77 Comments on “Pawn Stars: “I Got a Buddy!” (10 Expert Appraisals for Rare Items) | History”

    1. The Jetsons (1963) — $1,650
      The Jetsons became popular during the space race of the 1960s, so what better way to tote your Tang and freeze-dried ice cream than a Jetsons lunch box? This popular collector’s item is valued anywhere from $1,100 to $1,650, with the thermos valued at about $350 or more. This lunch box remains one of the most popular and sought-after collector’s items of the 1960s.

  1. If I got told to have an intelectual conversation with Chum I would have talked to him for hours 😂😂😂

    1. I don’t know what I loved more,…
      Finding out Chum is a drug dealer with no less than 3 hookers or that Jar Jar Binks is some sorta Sith Emperor or sumpin’. {0.o}

  2. It never seizes to amaze me that someone expect a pawn shop to pay auction prices. It’s a pawn shop. You go in expecting to get 30% or less of what it’s worth

    1. I don’t think people understand how illiquid these markets are. The infrequency of some items coming to market, the time and difficulty of finding the right buyer. I saw one with a guitar strap from Stevie ray Vaughan and the seller was saying the guitars sold for 100s of thousands at auction. But someone who’s gonna spend 40k for a guitar strap would probably need to be someone who wants a complete set. If you don’t know the guy who bought that 600k guitar, even if he would be willing to pay 40k to complete the set, there’s much more value in being the “market maker” than the inventory cost or intrinsic value of the item.

  3. I always laugh when people say…”this item is very sentimental to me”, then why you selling it?….lol

    1. Could be hard times. Drugs. Gambling addiction. I tend to think real sentimental items would be pawned before being sold so that way you have chance of getting it back.

  4. It’s amazing to me that these people still walk in expecting to get full retail price of the item like they’re doing this for free

  5. Mad respect to Corey on this one…he had faith and it played in his favor even if he did order it himself 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. Seriously Mucho respect for Corey on trusting the woman. His dad is too cold business man, Corey saw the humanity of it all <3

  6. Imagine Rick as a doctor

    Patient: Do I have at least 20 years to live?

    Rick: Tell ya what I’ll give you five years and not a second more

    1. I got a buddy, let me get him down here and we’ll see how much longer he thinks you should live. give me a min, take a look around..

    2. PigGY2985. Guy says to doctor “tell me doc how long have i got ”
      Doctor ” sorry sir but unfortunately i have to tell you you’ve got 10 left”
      Guy says “10 what?years? Months? Weeks?”
      Doctor says”nine ,eight,seven six ,five.four…………!”

  7. I love the lady who sold the lunchbox for 400 and how excited she was to jet home and find that thermos. I literally was like “You go lady! You go find that thermos!” 🙂

  8. As a video game collector, hearing Chum’s 15k offer for BOTH the Grey and Gold carts felt like a dagger to my heart. Just the Grey alone was sold for 19k a few years ago. Collectors find out who has them for sale and pretty much instantly you get someone wanting to buy it. They really messed that one up big time.

    1. The funny thing is the games on it are probably in everyone’s library. Mario bros, tetris, and rad racer. They are no different than the games themselves. The rarity is the value right?

    2. @Donnie Patt Yep, back in 1990, 90 Grey carts were handed to the world championship finalists and 26 Gold carts were won through a Nintendo Power contest. And that was 31 years ago, so they are extremely rare.

      And the history of it being the first ever Nintendo Championships surely adds to the value too.

    3. @Donnie Patt There’s still a difference, the three games on the cart were on a timer, played in sequence, and the contest combined your scores from the three games that would determine your total score for your placement in the competition. So it would be quite different from playing those games individually.

  9. The lunchbox brought back one of the good memories of childhood. I had the Scooby Doo lunchbox in the early 70’s. I even used it to store my army men, marbles & hot wheels in the summertime.

    1. They don’t. They’re collectors and keep some of the things. Others they sell, not for much, it’s a pawn shop after all

  10. I loved that chum was nodding and agreeing when dude said he could charge basically whatever he wanted for the games

  11. I love when the experts say something is worth $30k and the seller says “you heard what it’s worth, I want $30k for it” like the expect Rick or other pawn shops to buy an item for exactly what it’s worth and not make any money for it. They would actually lose money by “breaking even” because they still have to pay their workers, rent, utilities, etc….

    1. Those people are pretty unreasonable, and most likely never operated their own businesses.

    2. Whenever someone who owns a store is offering you more than 2/3 the value that’s a pretty good deal.

    3. It’s a negotiating technique they know they wouldn’t get it. Exception for the Nintendo guy I guess

    4. To be fair, as a seller you still want to start higher than what you’ll get. You want to get the buyer to reveal how high they’ll go at their best

  12. People watch for entertainment but it actually teaches a lot about history and how to run your own pawn business

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