Pawn Stars: Rick’s Rockin’ Deal for Led Zeppelin SIGNED Guitar (S12, E36) | Full Episode

Get your ghoul on with the Pawn Stars when a talking Herman Munster doll creeps into the shop. See more in Season 12, Episode 36, "Stairway to Pawn."

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"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic. Learn more:

33 Comments on “Pawn Stars: Rick’s Rockin’ Deal for Led Zeppelin SIGNED Guitar (S12, E36) | Full Episode”

  1. Hi guys 👍👍 cool Herman monster awesome crazy nice guitar wow $90,000 for a coin the monsters was a neat show 😂 I got the Herman question right Chumley is a big kid 😂

  2. It’s so weird how someone can bring in something that they admit is “usually” worth a fortune, but “unfortunately” the market just fell out on it.

    1. Yes, that happens all the time, prices bottom out.

      Whether Rick is bringing it up as a legitimate negotiation tactic or not, it’s his prerogative.

      Everything he does is based on real live pricing. When you go to a pawn shop, they will often look up the value of stuff on a website where they pay money to access current prices

      And that’s what I do before I go to a pawn shop, look up the prices so I know how to negotiate.

      Before I sell something to a pawn shop, I look at the prices they already have on their items. And then I decide if I want to do business with them.

      I don’t own a pawn shop but I deal in vintage, some antiques- and that’s how it works.

      When China got a middle-class, suddenly they were buying up everything Americana -prices skyrocketed.

      Americans couldn’t afford to buy their own antiques and vintage cuz the prices went berserk for a couple of years

      Then China hit a recession and values went flat.

      They deal in such large amounts of funny money, that Americans don’t realize how much influence their economy has on ours.

      The price of scrap metal skyrocketed when China had a strong middle class. Now there’s a lot of scrap yards that are completely closed down.
      It’s all about supply and demand. China no longer demands our scrap metal – so now it’s worthless

      They’re not selling lawn mowers, generators, practical cars or things people need. These are all commodities and luxuries that people want

      All of this is based on people’s fun money. There is no rhyme or reason to this pricing.

      I see so much criticism for a business person on here, from people who have no idea what it takes to even open a business. You see how much politicians & local governments takesl. Imagine being in Vegas.

      There are a lot of crazy regulations around what these guys do-but they are the only financial institution that offers equal-opportunity financing based on collateral, not loans, skin color, credit score, nor gender. Based on the item you put on the counter-that’s your credit score

      They’re actually financial institutions, not retail shops.

      The retail side is for cash flow reinvestment into things like gold, silver coins – things that will increase in value.

      This is a pawn shop. Rick opened a separate art gallery, they’ve got an art gallery, toy store, sports collectibles down the road.

      Why aren’t people taking these items directly to the collector shops?

      They’re going to a pawn shop, a financial institution. Not a collectibles boutique

    2. @The Gulch Hey, I’m not reading all you’re crap; he’s low balling people, if you don’t see that…sit on a nail.

    3. @Daryl Rhodes it’s too complicated for little children-you stick to taking your mama’s pennies to 7-Eleven for your big gulps and let somebody else handle the business

      some of us use microphones, we’re not little midgets on tiny keyboards sitting in our Mama’s basement complaining that somebody else is working.

    1. He looks like the kind of guy who is still looking for his polyester suit from 30 years ago because he forgot a baggie of blow inside of it.

  3. I just like it when someone brings something in and Rick says his remembered script and the person just blankly sits there and nods at him because they know way more that he.

  4. Me: “Mom, can we get Richard Hammond?”
    Mom: “We already have Richard Hammond at home.”

    Richard Hammond at home: 1:56

  5. Still waiting for new episodes of Pawn Stars to air. Last episode to air was ‘Surreally Good Deal’. That was back on June 28th!.

  6. The coin guy reminded me of the actor that played Davy jones… 😂😂 But he was right not to sell that coin

  7. Guy with the shield nickel was out of his mind. Dave says they’ve been selling $63k to $80k. Nickel guy says he’ll sell it for $80k… AND he’s certain it will sell for $120k to $125k “in the next few months”. If you have something that you know will be worth $120k in a few months, why would you sell it for $80k now?

  8. 6:08 The Led Zeppelin name… when Moon and Entwistle joked that the new band would “go over like a lead balloon, one of them upped it to a “lead Zeppelin”. Page liked the joke and kept the name. But they had to change it to “Led” because “Lead Zeppelin” might be misread as “the Zeppelin in front”.

  9. I bet if the woman had an Addams Family doll instead of a Munster doll she would have gotten more money than she got for it from Chumley.

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