Pawn Stars: SUPER RARE Colt Revolver Gets High Appraisal (Season 13) | History

A super rare Colt revolver gets a high appraisal, but Rick still has to put it in an auction in this clip from Season 13, "Four Score and Seven Pawns". #PawnStars #RickHarrison
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62 Comments on “Pawn Stars: SUPER RARE Colt Revolver Gets High Appraisal (Season 13) | History”

    1. McLovin true never really see any argument s and people act too normal and people in the background barely moving around just stands there and talk

    1. Apserlotley no way would i sell it . Money is not evening just to get it out now and then and wave it about wood be worth a lot more to me than the money

    2. I learned that lesson the hard way. Sold my entire Beta Magic the Gathering collection in 2000 for $8000. Would be worth well north of $750k if I had held on to it for 20 more years.

    1. @Dr D Rick would have called his expert anyway before making any offer. Once his expert said $35K, the appraisal letter should stay in the seller’s pocket. Only if the the expert said $20K, then the appraisal latter could be brought out as a negotiating tool. Groundwork is where you hit him high, like $40-50K.

  1. I love when people bring Rick items, and he goes through a historical lesson and they stand there just wanting their money

    1. It happens every episode & always funny to see the customers repeatedly look at Rick just wanting him to finish the lecture

    1. @K_A . . . exaclty . if Chumlee found out Rick gave away the half of the Mars bar he was supposed to get . . . whew !

  2. People like this guy are partial reason why pawn shops still exist, with Google or eBay it doesn’t take a lot of time nowadays to get some ideas what their stuffs are worth but some people just want quick cash without realizing just how much money they’re losing by accepting cheaper offers

  3. I love these types of guys he’s like “honey pack your bags” and is taking his whole family on vacation, I hope to do that for my family some day👏🥺❤️

  4. Rick literally almost laughed in his face when he dropped from 35 to 27,5 in a matter of seconds lol easiest 25k Rick will ever make

  5. The seller looked like he couldn’t careless about what they were saying and just wanted them to say a price so he could dip

    1. “Look, Rick, yeah, I know what the difference between a musket ball, a percussion cap, and a cartridge is. I’m here to try and sell this, not get a history lesson.”
      “Yeah, but, we need to pretend this show has some sort of educational merit for tax purposes.”

  6. Anyone ever notice Rick’s goofy little breathy laugh after almost everything he says that is NEVER returned from the people around him? 😂😂😂😂

  7. The best part of this episode for me was when the owner said he will take his family on vacation with the money… He has is priorities correct… I just wish he got a little more for it.. Looks like Rick got a bargain there… Thats if this episode is not scripted like everything else lol

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