Pawn Stars: SUPER RARE Super Mario is SUPER EXPENSIVE (Season 17) | History

Chum and Rick take a look at a very rare and expensive Super Mario Bros Nintendo cartridge in this clip from Season 17, "Pawn vs Ferrari". #PawnStars #RickHarrison
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103 Comments on “Pawn Stars: SUPER RARE Super Mario is SUPER EXPENSIVE (Season 17) | History”

    1. Are you Serious it’s all staged and scripted to some extent. The typical nobody who goes into the pawn shop… even for a potentially smaller business transaction, will almost never see any of the stars of the show at the shop (unless show filming is being done). If someone does have a rare/historical/potentially big ticket item that would be good for the show, network/show producers arrange a meeting between the potential client and Rick or whoever from the show. The star from the show then researches the item and figures out if he will set up a meeting with an “expert” to provide more info. When the client meeting occurs, everything is hashed out (including an agreed upon outcome… whether it’s no-deal or what the price will be) off camera before show filming begins. The on camera interaction between the star from the show and the potential client… and sometimes an “expert” is mostly just an improved act for show. Everyone who appears on the show obviously has to sign a waiver. Rick has the money to pay out a mil for anything he wants. People who have all the money get to be patient enough to wait until the deal is right for them, if you get my drift (the person is desperate enough to get on their knees and basically give it away at around 25% of its actual market value) 😉

    2. Jared Carrick I know it’s scripted lol but I’m waiting for Rick to have a script and say “get out” when a customer says a ridiculous amount of money for what they brought in

  1. Expert: it is rare because it is sealed
    Pawn Stars: let’s open it to see if the game is working !

    1. I had multiple unopened copies of mario3 because my family is awesome and all bought me dope presents without crosschecking

    2. Late marriage or no marriage is a very big reason for increasing number is rapes. Solve this marriage problem and everything will be solved. I’m not defending the culprits they must be come to justice but the problem remains.

    1. @notsop collectible item 1 out of 10,000 haha after generation pass it would be really good asf

    1. @ChronicleRayray Yes I do watch AVGN. But anyone who grew up in the 80s has had the unfortunate experience of renting at least one LJN game. lol

  2. This is like literally the holy grail of video game and mario history, its basically priceless. In 5-10 years this will probably sell a million or more

    1. what about a hundred years? I mean, video games are the newest big art form. How much would a sealed, mint condition first theatre play, music composition, book or film go for? The more time passes, the higher this thing will go, dramatically.

    2. Its literally an unsealed version of the test release of the game that started a multi billion dollar industry. The older this cartridge gets i could see it going for well over 1 mil

    1. A loose cart for Mario is like $10 and complete in box is probably about $30-$50 off the top of my head so he probably has another copy. Also the original super Mario brothers is playable on most modern Nintendo consoles via virtual console and Nintendo switch online

  3. “Let me call the company and get one of their guys down here”
    Founder of company shows up to give his opinion

    1. i mean the game he brought was rare, like super rare, like the only known survived copy, no wonder the founder noticed and went down to the shop.

    2. The founder of nintendo Fusajiro Yamauchi passed away in the 40s before Nintendo even made a video game which was at least the 70s

  4. He knew he wouldn’t get a million dollars at the pawn shop, but he knew e would get the attention of the million dollars buyers. Smart man

    1. This should be the top comment. Absolutely priceless item, not a chance he would get a million there, but 7 million views on this video I bet he has gotten people offering closer to his ask.

    2. No one’s going to buy that for a million.
      People with money, who are interested, already know about this.

    1. When you’re talking 7 figure numbers, you absolutely have to make sure everything you’re buying is authentic and valuable, this comment makes no sense other than to be funny

    2. Schrodinger’s collectible… Can’t know it’s authentic and valuable unless you open it, opening it makes it worthless.

  5. I like how When Rick questioned the Million Dollars he looked directly looked at Chum like he actually wanted his opinion!

  6. Rick was smart to not put a lot money up for this. The market isn’t there yet, at least not to a point where investing hundreds of thousands of dollars is a good idea. But I will say, if you’re gonna risk it, an original mario is almost guaranteed to be worth a lot of money one day

  7. Imagine if there was no cartridge actually inside. Not that it would matter since nobody would dare mess up the price value by opening it.

    1. I still remember getting an n64 game at the store with my mom in the 90’s. I opened it and a bottle of nail polished was taped to the interior where the cartridge was supposed to be.

    2. It passed through WATA’s grading system which means it had to be proved to hold a cartridge inside of it otherwise it wouldn’t be graded and would be worth nothing. Prob has happened before tho

    1. The issue with that is auction price estimates go off of the history of the same item being sold in auctions… This item has NEVER sold at an auction so they have no history to go by.

    2. @Patrick Jones true but there’s always some crazy millionaire collectors that need this piece at any cost. That’s why you see stuff like sports memorabilia worn by the greats as rookies or when they set a record sell for obscene numbers whenever they hit auction. This item may never be sold but if it does someone will be willing to drop a fortune for it

    3. @D Yea and that’s the risk vs reward aspect of dealing with such items… It’s very possible that a high end collector wouldn’t pay such a high price. Rick knows this and doesn’t want to take the risk.

    4. @Patrick Jones for sure, especially where game collecting isn’t as popular as something like sports collecting. Honestly he’d probably be better off keeping that until he got an absurd offer or could pass it down a generation

  8. Rick I thought handled that very well. Some people would’ve just hysterically laughed at the guy but Rick took the time to listen and show some respect for his customer.

  9. Fun fact, both the guy who brought the game in and the expert they brought in both work for heritage auctions and have been creating an artificial bubble for retro video games for years. Also heritage auctions is owned by the same company that owns wata games, the grading company. So yeah. What they’re doing is extremely illegal.

    1. @Buddy1673 there’s a great video on x play about it, basically the people who sold it also bought it at the same auction it’s dumb, it’s all fake value , a scam.

    2. @Amber Johnson That’s kind of the point, isn’t it? To inflate the prices of these games so they can sell them at auction for mega bucks.

    3. Look at dude coming In months after this video commenting about something that is common knowledge and trying to pass it off as his.

  10. so for those watching this who are unaware theirs some very strong evidence that watta and heritage auctions have been colluding to manipulate the market on sealed video games. for example it turns out the guy who came to the pawn store to sell this video game actually has a business relationship and is friends with the watta guy who came in to give the estimate on the game. a fact that was not disclosed to the pawn star team or anyone else.

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