Pawn Stars: The BMW That Tupac Was Shot In (Season 15) | History

Chumlee schools Rick on a legendary rapper as they examine the car that became a tragic crime scene in this clip from "Series Rings and Rap Kings". #PawnStars
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Pawn Stars
Season 15
Episode 14
Series Rings and Rap Kings

"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

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89 Comments on “Pawn Stars: The BMW That Tupac Was Shot In (Season 15) | History”

  1. I love how this BMW completely eclipses the million dollar Bugatti behind it.
    Pac was an icon.

    1. Onlyba fool would.spend that much on a beemer. Regardless of whonwas in it, and I wouldnt wanna mob a car arpund a gangstar was blasted some of tu pacs music but still.

    2. 2PAC was crap.
      I’m hoping the rest of those things end up like him.

  2. I love how rick is just casually leaning on one of the most historic cars ever. Why were the bullet holes fixed?

    1. @Hannah Alexy since tupac is one of the most legendary rappers ever the car he was shot and basically killed in is historically important for hip hop and that is a fact no debate

  3. Fun fact about this car, originally it was not restored. It was held at a police impound for years where it really fell into disarray. Since the passenger window was destroyed in the shooting, as well as the windshield damaged, the interior was exposed to the elements and had taken a beating. Eventually it was auctioned off, where the new owner cleaned it up, and got it running again. It was detailed, original wheels (stockers) put back on, and it was later sold (in the early 2000’s) at auction. Complete with bullet holes, and the extra set of damaged wheels. Basically in as close to post shooting condition as possible. Just restored enough to preserve it and make it transportable. Then around 2008 or so, it re-emerged completely restored back to the condition it was in prior to the shooting. The windshield was replaced, the passenger seat was replaced (originally, the seat was removed by LVPD and the vehicle was sold without it. So somewhere in LVPD’s evidence vault lies the seat 2Pac was shot in and probably bled on), and replica wheels fabricated to return it to its original pre shooting condition. No idea what happened to the original wheels, but apparently the damaged one was too far gone to repair, so replicas were made 🤷🏽‍♂️

    1. i appreciate that bruh i mean alot of what u said i learned years ago but some of what u said was news to me

    2. Not too often I come across new information that I do not know about this man. thank you.

  4. To all the people asking why they removed the holes: they had bullets in them for evidence some of them were in Pac’s body and some were in the car. They could not remove the bullet without ripping the thing apart so it had to be fixed.

    1. Even pieces of the car would’ve been of value and worth what the asking price is. Fully restoring the car and asking for an insane amount of money just because of the history behind the car is ridiculous.

    1. They should have left the original bullets and damage for that price and his body while your at it for authenticity

  5. I just wonder exactly what was going through their mind when they decided to repair this car. Who thought that was a good idea and why?

    1. I guess they needed to fix its rims in order to be able to drive this car. So when they did that the car automatically changed drastically so they were probably like, okay, if we fixed this why wouldn’t we get the bullet holes removed. They could have preserved at least one bullet hole though. It’s a shame.

    1. Chris2003FN nahh it’s about 90% of the car value bc if pac died out side of the car nobody would’ve been like omg I want his bmw, he probably wrote poems in it

    2. Rockbottomoddy You wouldn’t. My cousin has a few in his car. Can’t get pulled over just because of how your car looks. If it’s in danger of falling apart, then yes. But bullet holes won’t get you a ticket, any more than dents would.

  6. 🧔🏻”Hey – I have the ‘Mona Lisa’ that I’d like to sell.”
    👨🏼‍🦲”But that’s just a blank canvas?”
    🧔🏻”Yeah, I know. I washed the paint off.”

    1. People say it’s disrespectful but they don’t think it’s disrespectful to sell someone’s clothing like George Washington wore or something

    1. Dan Calzacorta Even if it was a pile of rust, it would still be tied to the exact date and time of the incident; making it that much more of a timeless piece.

  7. Without the bullet holes, this is just a 7 series Beamer with a cool story. The value was diminished because of the restoration

    1. Fr it’s like. Restoring every antique to modern times… like restoring George Washington’s clothings. It’ll be meaningless.

    2. That’s just it. The cool story. That’s what you’re paying for. Other 7 series won’t have that story.

  8. Rick: “Let me call in a guy who can authenticate this car had Tupac in it”
    Tupac walks in

  9. Such a shame Tupac died in such a senseless way you can’t help but think this guy would have had so much more to offer the music world 💔 😢

  10. Not only they removed the bullet holes they also changed the front seats. So, actually, Tupac never took a sit in this car. Whats the point in having it then?

    1. Oh c’mon, we know tupac was in this car. Maybe not on those seats but in that car. Stop nitpicking, this is as close as we are gonna get.

  11. When Chum explains the history of an item, this is a rare case where you can believe he legit knows what he’s talking about. But yeah, repairing the car pretty much wiped away the value. For the historical significance, someone paying that price would want the bullet holes and the upholstery Tupac actually sat on.

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