Pawn Stars: The Old Man’s Top 8 *STONE COLD* Deals | History

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How cold are the Old Man’s deals? Stone cold! The Old Man doesn’t mess around when it comes to making a profit, in this Pawn Stars compilation. #PawnStars #RickHarrison
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"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

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69 Comments on “Pawn Stars: The Old Man’s Top 8 *STONE COLD* Deals | History”

  1. I feel like the old Man explains his offers to the sellers a lot better than just “I’m taking all of the risk” and makes them feel less insulted

    1. I fully agree with that. “And i have to pay auction fees etc” ,”could sit for one day ,one year” “i am not getting rich off you”

    2. He also isn’t like passive aggressive to his customers and dosnt make them feel like their criminals

    3. @shorba14 maybe not intentionally but he can make jokes and sometimes it might go over the customers heads so yeah

  2. Am i the only one who just dies laughing everytime he just says “oh shut up chumlee” anytime chum says anything😭😂

    1. Probably one of the few. I see the humor in it. But it’s most definitely not laughable.

  3. I was an early fan and I met the Old Man. He thanked me for watching the show. He was one of those rare individuals who are immediately likable.

  4. “I’m here today because I need money”
    An honest man.

    I thought the naval man and the old man were a match made in heaven.

    1. @Ragnar It’s not Sagittarius A*, but the blackhole in the center of Messier 87 bud (known as M87*)

  5. I actually saw steam coming out of the Old man’s ears when Chumlee agreed to $400 for the Bansky note.😂

    1. Yeah, pretty sure he was buying it for himself to pay that much. If it was my pawnshop that would be what would happen. $200 max for that

    2. @Bradley Maggard I don’t know if it would lose value in America but these in good condition sell for £2,000+ in England (about $2,500) most times. Banksy is almost like folklore in English street art, he will do huge artwork on the side of a house over night and the house will become worth hundreds of thousands of pounds more than it was the day before pretty much because he’s such a mystery and not one person knows who he is. I mean one of his pieces sold for £18.5m 😂

    3. The seller could’ve gotten so much more for that. You’re lucky if you can find one under $2,000 now!

    1. @Frank Gallagher you do know this entire show is staged and when you think they “know” what they’re talking about, they studied about that topic before bed the night before to be prepared for the show the next day.

  6. “Old man ” was a class act, and to me a real role model, he and I saw things the same way, my dad was also in the navy, he reminded me of my dad ,I had the greatest respect for both, we will miss you Old man.

  7. “It’s not that I don’t trust this guy, but I don’t trust nobody… especially when they’re trying to sell me something.”

    – The Old Man

    1. So…it IS like you don’t trust this guy. You know, because you don’t trust him…lol

    1. Lol when In fact it should be, it’s that he is so silly that it it’s fake. Dude works that shop, better believe he is competent.

    2. His house got raided and they found he was dealing drugs. He ain’t that competent. You think he could keep a fake goofy persona going for 15 seasons or whatever.

    3. @StabStabStabStabby Spoiler alert: Just because someone has an addiction doesn’t mean they are mentally incompetent.

  8. It’s so satisfying when the Old Man talks about the items and facts, just shows that he was still professional despite his age. RIP Old Man

  9. “It’s hard to convince the old man that anything new can be worth money” Chumlee philosophy right here, because it applies to many old men.

  10. I never understood why my grandmother loved this show so much… until I sat down and watched it. Now, I’m hooked. I see why it was her favorite show. I love and miss you, grandma. 💕

  11. I love watching the Old Man haggle because even if he lowballs them hard they always end up at least halfway. He also takes the times to talk with them and explain his knowledge on stuff and why he is pricing it that way.

    1. he is much more enjoyable to watch haggle because it always seems like he wants the person selling it to leave happy

  12. The old man makes me miss my grandparents so much. People aren’t what they used to be. You can tell he’s got a lot of values and worked hard to be a great man. Things people just don’t care about anymore

  13. Loved the old man what a character he was. I miss him everytime I watch new shows. he was loved by his family. He was loved by his friends and he was loved by myself and millions of his fans r.i.e.p old man x

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