Pawn Stars: TOP 12 RARE & EXPENSIVE GUITARS | History

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Watch Rick, Corey and Chum nerd out over 12 super rare – and super expensive – guitars in this Pawn Stars mega-compilation. #PawnStars
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"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

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80 Comments on “Pawn Stars: TOP 12 RARE & EXPENSIVE GUITARS | History”

  1. Watch all new episodes of Pawn Stars, Mondays at 10/9c, and stay up to date on all of your favorite History Channel shows at

    1. Never once did he let on he was a rockstar, hes just like” oh ya whats up im Vic just wanna hock my guitar here” … “eh i guess i was a rockstar yeah”. So cool.

    2. Rick: “You taught Jimmy Page?”

      Vic: “I advised Jimmy Page on some thing yes…”

      Me: 😯

  2. Vic Flick – a very accomplished, modest, quiet spoken gentleman. Amazing to see the artist that you’d never see.

    1. He recorded all those songs with that guitar and when he got old and his career was over he had to sell it.
      I guess it doesn’t pay much to be a studio musician.

    2. @chris sibersky idk. He probably made a really good living if he played on all of those albums, movies etc. That guitar helped him make a living all those years. And now it helped him out one last time. Besides, his grandson would probably sell it for 15k to make it through a semester of college where he partied it all away and had nothing to show for it.

    3. @J.H. that made me tear up a bit he bid farewell not to a tool but a partner that helped keep him fed and off the streets

  3. That kid who sold his grandfather’s $30k Telecaster at a pawn shop for $13k learned more of a life lesson in those 10 seconds than he ever will in a semester of college.

    1. That’s because college doesn’t teach you life lessons… it gives you an education

    2. How can someone even sell their beloved grandparents items for sale? Leave alone a telecaster, that thing is gold. I’d play it & put it in my house with pride & even pass it down to the future generations showing them it’s importance. ❤️

    3. @Sensei Because the vast majority of people aren’t in a financially viable position to keep something worth so much, regardless of any sentimental value.

  4. Vic Flick is well-known here in the U.K as one of our greatest ever session men.
    Up there with Big Jim Sullivan and Page for the amount of hits he played on.

    1. I really don’t know too much about British session musicians. In America people remember the Wrecking Crew or the Funk Brothers and then assorted drummers.

  5. Loved the first clip. The seller is like ” I only touched it once”. 2 seconds later and we see the expert just going at it. 🤣

    1. I came to look for this comment. My man picked it up and just started strumming and the owner was dying inside.

  6. I love how the pawn guys try to explain the details and history of a guitar to people who have probably forgotten more about guitars than he will ever learn.

    1. Almost as if it’s a TV show and when they film, they explain to the seller that the audience has no idea about it

  7. I like how Rick snuck in the, _“Phil Colin did play it now…”_ which means he’s definitely going to add that onto the overall price of the guitar.

    1. @DinoThrash in 2005 when I first ordered a Jackson pc-1 I had connections at Jack really before they got totally crazy with stupid fender
      in the reason those splatter guitar happen because Mike koxten asked for a idea because of Phil Collen anniversary what they should painted guitar to be and I suggested the splatter guitar and there you have it at the time I had a custom shop archtop Phil Collen model that was being built it is silver like the one using the let’s get rocked video except I have my inlays what they called zigzag in a reverse head I still have it and I have 3 PC ones an original chlorine blue the chameleon green and the Blue Frost

  8. Watching Vic sell his own guitar probably not because he needs the money but I see it more so someone who knows who he really is can own it and love it just as much as he did. That love tap at the end like saying goodbye old friend

    1. Was a great move for him anyway because they ended up selling the guitar for half of what they paid Vic

    2. Oh… that tap was a very nice farewell that only he and the guitar knows the whole journey the have been through

    3. the most interesting for me is some artists find his artwork here after years,, their reactions are priceless….

  9. Vic Flick had every right to be as cocky as some folks who claim to be had-beens. Yet he didn’t act like a showboat ot try to sell that axe with the history attached to it when he walked into the shop. True legend ❤️

  10. Man the fact that Corey stopped chumlee before touching that Gibson acoustic guitar, immediately, speaks volumes of how good that guitar looks in real life.

  11. The Vic Flick scene gave me shivers, what a humble legend. Loved just seeing him stand there with this cool and calm atmosphere. thats the kind of guy that plays the melody you are remembering and summing while doing housework and you dont even know the persons name.

    the Telecaster for 13.000 on the other hand broke my heart. broke, poor college student giving away history to spend on something that should be free to kids – EDUCATION.

    1. Vic Flick is a legend and a gentleman.

      The kid who sold a blackguard tele and his grandfathers to boot, for so low , deserves a kick in the balls each day for a week straight

    2. Education is free though, there are endless tutorials for anything anyone wants to do. Just takes motivation.

    3. @webb of music yeah nothing sounds more professional to employers as I watched a couple YouTube videos on it

    4. Education is free to kids in the US. College is for adults 18 and older. And for those that can’t afford it because they live in poverty, there are federal loans. Go to a local college and it doesn’t cost 13k for 1 semester. He could almost graduate for that.

  12. Most of these made me genuinely tear up. Such incredible guitars with amazing history just pawned. I’d give both of my legs for that white strat. Long as I can keep both of my arms to play the thing.

    1. But you gotta understand that these things were made to be played. Maybe they end up on a wall, maybe be not. But for someone to be wanting to sell them, they were probably not being used. Think that for every guitar that ends up in a pawnshop, 100 others are kept home being played on 🫡

  13. Rick: “I’ll give you 75k”
    Seller: “not gonna happen”
    The way the seller delivered that had me dying. Rick looked shook and got a taste of his own medicine 😂😂. I love it. Dude was one of the best negotiators I’ve ever seen on the show.

  14. these shows teach me that if you really love something take it with you to your tomb because chances are a dumb relative will give it away to play a couple rounds at the slot machines 😂

    1. Mate think about it, it’s going to be sold for someone that really appreciates it.

      It doesn’t matter who sold, it matters who bought it.

    2. @Rainbow Ghost Overdrive it matters that something you prized so much is given away when you were alive you could of sold it for lots of money and enjoyed it

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