Pawn Stars: TOP 5 GOLD & SILVER DEALS | History

The Pawn Stars strike gold (and silver!) – but will they be able to negotiate the best deals? Find out in this Pawn Stars compilation featuring 5 rare items made out of gold and silver.

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"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

87 Comments on “Pawn Stars: TOP 5 GOLD & SILVER DEALS | History”

    1. @Fran g The cast don’t actually work at the shop like shown. I think it was sold but the person had to agree to be on the show and it was probably scripted.

  1. That gold bar was so amazing! Actual ship wreck treasure, I’m assuming his grandparents found during the time it was illegal to own. Amazing

    1. @A M Another hypothesis is that maybe his grandparents didn’t know that part of the law, and thus hid the gold bar somewhere in their attic. Or maybe they were treasure hunters. Who knows ? That’s what I love about historical items on this show, you can imagine all sorts of things

  2. I appreciate that they are not trying to penny pinch or take advantage of unsuspecting sellers but always trying to get a fair estimate.

    1. Hahah, I can’t tell if this comment is sarcastic or not but those experts almost always give them a low ball figure so the pawn shop can offer them even less, then Rick and his buddies can give them a cut for helping to rip the guy off.

    1. I’m with the old man on that ..Gold is cool but I’ve always loved Silver much more

  3. I wonder how much Rick actually knows about the coins that come into the shop and how much they have to research and memorize for each episode.

    1. Not much one time he melted a bag of gold coins for melt and lost like 50-60k and some coins where worth thousands

    2. He doesn’t know that much. He is in no way a genius. Being a crook in real life, he knows how to act. Everything is rehearsed like in almost of the shows.

    1. If I’m not mistaken there’s a law that for metals like this they have to deal at the current price. It’s not allowed to haggle

    2. @Paul Kemezis you are absolutely mistaken lol. if you go to sell your gold or silver, you will NEVER get market price. if you go to buy gold or silver, you will never get it at market price.

    3. Look, people don’t have to accept the price the pawn shop offers. Every transaction is honest. It’s what they’re willing to pay and again, the people don’t have to accept.

  4. Greetings from all my heart to all the experts in all the specialties that you host. I wish them health, safety, success and progress in their work. With great thanks and respect.

  5. Gotta love the way they educate the sellers before shattering their hope by giving half price they ask for.

    1. Yeah the crazy thing about that I was in Vegas when he passed on..I stayed at the Stratesphere Casino Hotel at the that time which is a few blocks away from the famous Pawn Shop..I went over there with sympthany card and a rose to pay my respects to Pops the Ol’ Man…May he RIP

  6. “I don’t know where the expert came up with that value.”

    He told you 50 times it was from a public auction.

    1. Well, to be fair, the subtext at 14:19 says that a mint 1944 one cent steel coin sold at auction for $373,750. Doesn’t specify public/private auction, but that value difference alone would make it worth buying the coin for $102,000 and taking it to a private auction to try and almost quadruple your investment lol

    2. @Squirelockholms As the expert mentions, the seller’s coin was minted in Philadelphia, which makes it a lot less valuable because there’s more of them. The coin you’re talking about was minted in San Francisco, which makes it much more valuable because there’s far fewer of those coins. That’s probably also where the seller is getting the idea that it’s worth a lot more than it is.

    3. @Squirelockholms Purchased by someone during the financial crisis for a tax write off or something I bet.

  7. Crazy that silver sale almost marked the exact top of silver it has never been back to that price level. That silver investor timed the market perfect

  8. Like Rick said, silver is the best conductor of electricity available. What he failed to mention is that silver is extremely effective against vampires and werewolves.

    1. He misspoke. Gold is actually the best conductor, but obviously it is rare to be used in that regard because of how expensive it is.

    2. Silver is actually the best conductor, but gold is most often used in electronic parts because gold does not tarnish. Ever. Silver will tarnish in air and contacts made of it will become less conductive.

    3. @Joe Blow Not really, Silver has a spot price at any given moment. The Seller likely got Spot price, possible even with a bit of premium. Considering he is literally timed the market perfectly, that guy got a great deal. He bought at the deepest valley and sold at a recent peak, that Silver dropped to 69k and is now worth 90k-ish today.

  9. It never ceases to amaze me that people are so willing to part with valuable precious metals for so much less then what they’re worth…WOW!!!

    1. @Steve Bennet You can go to a precious metals dealer and do the same thing but you can often times sell for more then spot so it’s dumb

  10. that was cool how rick didnt just take the gold bar for face value but actually told the customer that it’s way rarer

    1. Yea but then proceeds to say to the camera he can sell it for A LOT of money to people who collect ship treasure. So nit only did he get the guys gold bar for 35k 13k under what it’s worth. He probably sold it for 60k plus to some collector. Collectors will pay a high price for stuff, especially if it’s rare, and will make the collection shine.

  11. Gold is a truly remarkable and valuable metal that has captured the human imagination for thousands of years. It’s unique combination of lustre, malleability, and rarity makes it highly desirable for a wide range of applications, from jewellery and art to currency and investments.

    1. I completely agree! Humans have treasured and valued gold for millennia, and its unique properties make it a fascinating and versatile metal. From its lustrous shine to its ability to be moulded into intricate shapes, gold has inspired countless works of art and design. And of course, its reliability as a currency and investment has helped to stabilise economies and provide a hedge against inflation. Thanks for sharing your appreciation for this remarkable metal!”

    2. Thanks for bringing up the question of how to liquidate gold once it’s been found. It’s not a complicated process, and it’s always a good idea to seek education and right ways from a financial advisor you are right.

    3. @henry Clifford James “Julie Anne Hoover” is my personnel advisor. She is brilliant in terms of portfolio diversification. You may search her up online and confirm her for yourself. She has extensive knowledge of the financial markets.

    4. @Marcel Robert I curiously looked up her name on the internet and I found her site, thanks for sharing.

    5. I like collecting it, but it’s not an investment strategy for me. I’m capable of getting far better returns, elsewhere.

  12. I wouldn’t have sold that silver bust of Caesar even for $50’000. That is an incredible piece. I was surprised it wasn’t worth alot more

    1. I was thinking the exact same. Of course if you really really need money, it could be considered to pass on, but I wouldn’t had sold it.

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