Pawn Stars: TOP COINS OF ALL TIME (20 Rare & Expensive Coins) | History

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CA-CHING! Check out some of the rarest and most valuable coins and currencies that Rick, Corey and Chum have ever appraised in this digital exclusive mega-compilation. #PawnStars #RickHarrison
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76 Comments on “Pawn Stars: TOP COINS OF ALL TIME (20 Rare & Expensive Coins) | History”

    1. I have one silver from 1808 and it belonged to Henry Justin Allen (September 11, 1868 – January 17, 1950) was the 21st Governor of Kansas (1919–1923) and U.S. Senator from Kansas (1929–30).

  1. 8:33 he accepted less money because he really had to go, but had time for an interview after??! Come on script writers!!!

    1. @Albert smit and u see the same guy in the background with the Mohawk super spikey orange hair lol

    2. May have done the entire interview on a different day. Either before or after. That’s usually how it works in reality television. There’s an “interview” shooting day. They give everyone staggered call times, one set, and get them all done in one day.

  2. That fact when people ask for a lower price due to low knowledge of an item and Rick tells them that’s its worth more than what the seller ask is an example of honesty

    1. That’s around the same time the show started taking flack for underpayment of things they knew were worth more and taking advantage of people bad situations

    2. You do realize this whole show is staged right? It’s a great show but staged. For example look at the door if you go to the real store it’s a glass door you can see through. In the show it’s frosted. It’s a set they film on.

    3. @kiran seehra yes, I do know that I live in vegas. What in saying is there is a set that duplicates the shop for filming the show.

  3. I loved how Rick was so honest with the college kid. He could have easily taken advantage of him yet he didn’t.

    Great episode. Thanks for posting.

    1. The old man did that with an older woman who was trying to sell a stuffed bear far far below its value. He said your asking way too low and he tripled the price for her

    2. @Phil Vanderheit I thought they were real customers. So this whole show is staged? Doesn’t that defeat the concept of reality TV?

    1. Funny with the high relief peace coin, the $100,000 one, that upon David leaving, the pawn guy tells him “I’ll talk to you later”. Was David Colluding in price? Maybe David has decided that David wants it, and has let pawn guy know it. Thus his price estimate is perhaps made with a conflict of interest.
      Real weird that only with that super rare coin that the two decided to “talk later”.
      I smell a rat.
      Plus who will want as a seller to trust the buyers buddy for a valuation?

    2. @Dave maybe the talk later he means check if rick actually bought the coin as they leave to give them privacy over the negotiation

  4. Bunch of cool coins. Amazing all the different designs. Got a new subscriber. Was fun to watch. Great video

  5. I’m not sure if this was scripted or not but I’m really loving Ricks character. For owning a pawn shop, I love his honesty and personality 😃

    1. @Harrell T Have you been to their store? If so have you met the them? Are they anything like they are in the videos? Thanks.

    2. @Harrell T yea it became abundantly clear when the muscle man tyler came in twice with 2 rare pieces on separate days. the acting was bad he said he couldnt stay because he had a test. why would he just come back another day when he had ample time when hundreds if not thousands of dollars are at stake. then on the second coin offered the negotiation scene was just improv at its worst. just an awful attempt at free ball acting as we would call it at my school of theatrics and performing arts

  6. I love the way that he will not rip off his customers when he legit knows the coin is worth more than the customer asks for it! It shows more of his character than his drive to make as much money as possible. Rick, you ROCK!

  7. My absolute favorite episodes are the ones where the seller is convinced that what they have is worth 500 x more than what the professional says and were never willing to part with it for a cent less than what they wanted for it..

    1. Often times they are right about the value of their item. Pawn shops try to pay you less than it’s worth so THEY can then make $$$ on it, not you. Their job is to tell people their stuff is worth nothing, even if it is

    2. @Nox
      A pawn shop assumes the risk of resale. In a sense, you are hiring the pawn shop to sell your item while also offloading the risk of it not selling or being a fake while you walk away clear and free with cash. Why shouldn’t the pawn shop make money under those circumstances?

    1. @mason nelsen No I think he just got scammed. 2014 it sold in auction for 21k, then it went to private buyers. One of them was him and he paid 4 times that.

    2. @Grema Aqui check if its mint or not, well circulated is basically worthless or same as the face value. get it authenticated

  8. I’ve been watching yall since you first came on TV. Enjoy learning new info. & appreciate how knowledgeable you are plus you always have ppl you know for backup. Awesome

  9. The coin collectors (besides the Steele penny guy wanting 100K for a 48K coin lol) have the coolest segments of the episodes. They know what they’re talking about and makes for good bargaining and entertainment.

    1. steel penny is very tricky. lowest grade goes for around 10,000, whereas the highest grade can be up to half a million. although i gotta say that 30k was an extremely low estimate. was the right decision not to sell the penny.

  10. I absolutely love this show. I watch as many episodes as possible and still look for more. I am an Australian, living in Australia, and wish you were here so I could visit you. Looks like you have an amazing store, so to see it in person would be fantastic 😀

    1. I’m also from Aus and I always try to look for stores that are similar, unfortunately our pawn shops here only sell watches and PlayStations lol

    1. @Exploration: Random Destination unless you do them on ebay in which case you can tag the item as damaged if you didn’t like the price 🤣🤣

  11. I love Rick he NEVER rips anyone off, if someone says a low offer Rick always says no it’s worth much more 😇

    1. @Dan Rook yeah but he’s also told a few customers that their items are worth more than what they’re asking. Shows some honesty he has even if he lowballs other people.

    2. @Drazwin it’s also good business too. it looks bad to other customers and they would lose more business than cheating 500$ from one or two coins

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