Rare 2001 penny to look for!

In this video we talk about rare 2001 penny to look for, which is an error Lincoln Cent muled with a Roosevelt Dime. What is a mule coin?
We talk about them too. What to look for and their amazing prices!

Thank You for watching and as always remember to check your change. You might have more money in your pocket than you think!

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20 Comments on “Rare 2001 penny to look for!”

  1. I definitely need to be checking out my coins. I’m going to guess it will sell for $125,000 at least

  2. I do like this topic BUT, now I have another coin to add to the thousands I search for. Great video j and b

  3. Wow I never knew this thank you for sharing and I will keep my eyes open for these coins and I love old and strange coins.

  4. I’ll keep searching! Thanks JB COINS INC for all your informational videos. I’m learning soooo much.

  5. Since this example was found after some others and it is only MS65 I would guess it would go for 75,000-125,000…

  6. I have a 1995 no mint mark. Its DDO and DDR penny. It is struck twice with George Washington face on the Lincoln cent with Lincoln

  7. Hello J and B, Thats why its important to check both sides of all coins……..Stay positive and be kind.

  8. Muled coins is a newer topic for me. Love the Red Cents !! This one will sell for over $75,000 !!!

  9. What I’d really like to see is a video with a chart or table showing only coins that are worth significantly above face value (key dates, errors, etc.) but that can realistically be found in your change. This would mostly NOT include uncirculated coins more than 20 years old. You could do one for pennies, nickels, dimes, etc. It might be easier to do a video for only a certain date range. I’m talking about coins that are worth about 10x face value or more.

  10. Great video. Another penny to look for. Like you are always saying ‘J’, look at both sides of the coin. If something catches your eye look at it again and again until you figure out what you are seeing. This mule is not hard to see. I could use a roll of these. Sell one per year, That would help the income.

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