Rare and super valuable! Bicentennial coins!

We talk about rare and super valuable Bicentennial coins and we cover all denomination of bicentennial coins with details about them and obviously their prices. They are not only very valuable but some are extremely collectible so there is so much you should know about them.
If you like, collect or looking for a valuable Bicentennial coin, this video is for you!Thank You for watching and as always remember to check your change. You might have more money in your pocket than you think!

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22 Comments on “Rare and super valuable! Bicentennial coins!”

  1. Yes I do. I have that 1976D. Ike dollar. Only purchased half the mint set as the coin dealer wouldn’t part with the Philadelphia coins. I don’t blame him. I was lucky to get half set. Untouched in almost 50 yrs.

  2. I have found what I think is a silver bicentennial quarter in my change. The weight is right, just have to have it graded eventually.

  3. I have found a bicentennial quarter and Ike in coin roll hunting. I will have to look much closer at them now, to see what we have.

  4. I Found my First DDO Bicentennial Half Dollar on Friday during your Live stream which Made it even More special to me 🏌😊

  5. No, but I have set back Roll after Roll of them! (My Mom had started with them, and after her Passing, I took her Collection as mine and kept the Bicentennial Searches going!) RIP, Mom :'(

  6. I have several mint and proof sets that I haven’t gone thru yet. I’ll be keeping an eye out for these errors and varieties. Thanks again.

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