Rare Coin $100 Grab Bag Unboxing From Chris Tisdale – Varieties, Silver, Proofs, More!!

Thanks so much to @COINTABLE ChrisTisdale for sending along this $100 grab bag that had a bunch more value than I had asked for! Was super kind of him and definitely an eclectic group of errors and varieties to hunt through that are mostly now in my permanent collection. There are so many scam grab bags out there, so it's always fun to unbox something that's a bit better than even – though prices have certainly gotten a lot hotter since I unboxed this. Either way, very cool from Chris, and at least he's honest with his grading estimations!! Though he is not interested in making custom grab bags for other purchasers.

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14 Comments on “Rare Coin $100 Grab Bag Unboxing From Chris Tisdale – Varieties, Silver, Proofs, More!!”

  1. Hello
    I have 1966 Washington quarter error coin
    Copper metal no mint mark
    Please say meeeee how much price for this coin
    1966 Washington quarter
    value today
    I want to sell this coin
    I’m from India …..???

  2. Great video Christian! The Benjamin is AT imho based on my knowledge of toned coins. Keep up the great work brother.

  3. I watched this and go so excited I forgot to 👍 and comment. This is the type of grab bag most dream about. I’m so excited for you, really excellent coins. I am subscribed to Chris, but YT shut the bell. Watched his latest video, and he gave information on the SMS sets I really needed. Going to be watching all his videos I missed. And you weren’t kidding about him being an expert in his areas of expertise. Thank you so much. Always grateful for all your knowledge you share, and grateful for the other excellent creators you share with us. Can’t thank you enough
    Great video, as always 🌟👍

  4. Loved seeing what Chris hooked you up with. Some sweet coins. Someone will definitely pay premium for that 1919 woody. Nice variety of cool coins.

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