Searching for error coins continues to be a growing hobby. If your coin roll hunting for rare Roosevelt dimes you'll want to know these valuable coins. For more valuable coin tips give this video a thumbs up! Keep coin roll hunting and always remember you can find rare and silver coins without going to a coin dealer or coin shop and spending money!



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Welcome to Couch Collectibles formerly known as Couch Coins! I’ve collected rare coins, baseball cards, and many other rare collectible toys since I was a kid. I'm sharing this collecting experience with others through educational videos on YouTube. Come along and join me on this exciting journey by subscribing right now as we look at the most valuable toy collectibles and rare coins that you could find at yard sales, flea markets and garage sales!

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  1. Awesome video I have one of those 1980 dimes I figured it was just toned bit it looks just like that…

  2. starting to love your signature disappearing act but don’t do it until you give us all the tips for that video

  3. LMFAO! I love this video because of what you say at 1:07 in the video…
    BTW, I know I have a small pile of ’65 dimes around here somewhere…

  4. This was a great video! I actually have a 1970 no S mint mark dime.. Do you know how much does getting a coin appraisal cost?

  5. Very helpful on the video. I just found a dime from 1977 with the w in the we is on the edge. An solid on the d mint mark.

  6. Thank you for your very nice very sir. I have that 1965 roosevelt dime how could I identify that mine are eror ? and How much it by the way ? God bless…

  7. I just recently got an 1980’s dime which was the last dime you showed at the end. I kept it cuz of the raised band and thought it was pretty cool

  8. ผมมี 1 เหรียนปี 1962 ต้องการขายจะได้เท่าไหร่ครับ THAILAND

  9. I’d love to give you credit for checking my coin and letting me know if it’s a good candidate.

  10. I actually got a 1965 silver dime back in change this year. It has no clad. Compared it to a clad 1965 dime. Defiantly a difference. We just don’t have any honest coin dealers in the area just 1 that rips everyone off and trys to switch it out

  11. Hi I seen your videos and got interested in pocket change finds iv been watching your videos sorting change haha I found an interesting 1991 p dime that appears to be double stuck on the reverse side and I believe in the america part of the reverse side you can see a struck A between (OF) and AMERICA I’m interested to see if it’s worth anything more than face value and to see if there’s any information on it

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