Rare European Silver Coin Show & Tell – 17th-19th Century Numismatics With Curt Gammer

Had a super fun time asking questions about some of Curt Gammer's ( ) favorite pieces of European coinage he owns out at Witter Coin U! Some of them are higher value and certainly have a lot of history. Hope you enjoy!

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12 Comments on “Rare European Silver Coin Show & Tell – 17th-19th Century Numismatics With Curt Gammer”

  1. Wow those coins are amazing! Thanks again Christian, for sharing another great video 😇👍🏼 Lots of Love Bobbi 😇🙏🏼💕

  2. Coin collecting is so underrated but it is better than playing video games, coin collecting is educational

  3. Very nice selection of European coins, thanks for sharing ! The denomination of the Wuerttemberg 1862 Taler “Ein Vereinstaler” means it was minted after the rules of the “Wiener Muenzvertrag” (Vienna coin treaty) from 1857. Rim inscription: Muenzvertrag vom 24. Januar 1857. 90 % silver, worth around 100,- bucks. Greets from GER, U.

  4. Great selection!

    8 Reales and the smaller Kreuzer coins are superb value, and like all early milled or late hammered pieces each one is more unique & historical 😍

  5. Amazing coins. I’ve collected world coins of 30+ years. At the start of my collecting world coins were so cheap. Old coins even back to Greek and Roman were less then $20 to 30 Dollars. Part of the 80’s silver was still $4.00 an oz. A roll of dimes cost less then $15.00. Take care. Always enjoy your videos.

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