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Series: Dickinson's Real Deal
Episode: Series 8 Episode 72
Location: Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

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A trio of antique dealers decide whether or not to make offers for people's possessions or allow the owners to take a risk at auction.

Welcome to Dickinson's Real Deal. Dickinson: the flamboyant antique expert helps the public make the most money from their old antiques. Are today's guests about to produce big windfalls or big busts? Find out!

The challenge is how to get the best deal. Contestants meet the dealers who offer cash for an item. The seller must decide whether to accept the guaranteed money or risk fortune or failure in the auction room. Of course, placing one's trust in a positive auction outcome is a gamble in itself! Will they make the right choice?

37 Comments on “RARE Gold Sovereign Coins Collection | Dickinson’s Real Deal | S08 E72 | HomeStyle”

    1. @Matthew Hopkins I think you got mixed up between £ & $ because nowhere in the past 3 months was spot for £1643

    2. @Bikes02 I No not mixed up the number I posted was the spot value at the time of the gold content of 4.5 sovereigns not the spot price per troy ounce of gold.
      As I post this the spot price per troy ounce is £1,552.19
      The gold value of 4.5 sovereigns at that spot price would be £1,644.37.

    1. If this is 4months old, I’d buy a box full at those prices. Looks like the dealers dealer has had his trousers too

    2. @Citywise in this program, a dealer was seen using old £5 note that was scrapped May 2017. Therefore must be older than 4 months.

  1. That Jo is just really abrasive and I believe the least likable dealer on the show, everyone else is super kind and amicable. It wouldn’t kill her to show a bit of kindness no matter what the person is trying to sell, you can stick to your guns wo being an @$$

  2. He said they would scrap at £1017 after the dealer made his ‘initial’ offer. That would make it about £226 per sov and £113 per half sov so gold spot must have been about £960/ oz at the time they filmed this.

    1. Another comment stated that earlier on in the show, someone paid an old £5 note for an item and that note was taken out of circulation in May 2017. So, his show probably aired a lot earlier than the upload date. Currently, 7 months ago. Wuz mi calculator!?

  3. Buying those gold sov coins BELOW spot value is out of order. I can understand why the old dear was pissed. I would be too.

  4. The Ditchfield Glass item shows that some quality goods originate from Blackpool, and that there are some high quality companies from Blackpool!

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