Rare quarter worth money to look for!

We talk about rare quarter variety to look. It is very valuable and we explain with pictures what you need to look for.
Thank You for watching and as always remember to check your change. You might have more money in your pocket than you think!

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20 Comments on “Rare quarter worth money to look for!”

  1. Thanks for the great informative lessons as always. I will hunt my rolls if the come Wednesday. Love silver quarters.

  2. Great information J and B. I did not know of this variety and error. Thanks for letting us know about it and I will surely be on the lookout

  3. Haven’t found a silver quarter in pocket change for a long time. Would love to find some. Did find a nice 1948 silver dime recently 👍

  4. I appreciate the Queen and the stability she has brought. She has done so much good in my opinion just by being so classy. I dont want to say this in stream but I’m not fond of her son at all and was actually partial to Lady Di. Hope you have a great auction!!!

  5. Ill definitely have to keep an eye out! My local pawn show has a ton of these! Havent found any my self yet

  6. I haven’t found a silver quarter or any silver coins in a long time. Haven’t searched rolls in a few years though.

  7. Your videos always inspire me to look more into my change laying around. I have actually found 1 silver quarter while roll hunting….its an awesome feeling to find silver.

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