Sacagawea Dollars w/ Proofs Dansco Coin Album (8183) 5/8″ (Item: 23808)

This Dansco Supreme coin album displays P&D Sacagawea Dollars plus proofs. The album contains three pages that each hold 12 coins each labeled by date with mint mark.  The inside front cover provides an overview of the Sacagawea Dollar program and the inside back cover is not printed.
Page 1 – 2000-P to 2003-S Proof
Page 2 – 2004-P to 2007-S Proof
Page 3 – 2008-P to 2011-S Proof
The Dansco coin album model number is 8183. It can be used with a 5/8 inch slipcover (sold separately).

Price: 15.89

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