Searching $5,000 in Currency – Rare $20 Star Note Found!

Searching $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 Bills for Star Notes and Fancy Serial Numbers! I picked up $4,000 worth of federal reserve notes from a local bank hoping to find more star notes and/or fancy serial numbers in this circulated stack of bills.
I just got into currency searching recently so I am learning as I go. I appreciate any feedback or comments you may have!
If I missed something be sure to let me know!

I hope you enjoy this hunt with me. I was super happy to find out that the $20 star note I found is pretty rare, or at least more rare than not, according to the research i did on it. It is actually part of a 640,000 print run and it was a solid find. The $5 star note is not rare, but still a star note!

I checked on:

Top Loader Plastic Currency Keeper:

Currency Protector Sleeves:

If you want to skip past the $5 time-lapse and find when I found the $5 star note, it is at 7:16 of the video.

Do you also search currency for cool serial numbers and old bills? If so, what denominations? What is your best serial # score or your oldest bill found?

I hope you enjoyed the video!
Thanks for watching!

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35 Comments on “Searching $5,000 in Currency – Rare $20 Star Note Found!”

  1. Hey everyone – I know watching time lapses can be tough so if you want to skip past the $5 time-lapse and find when I found the $5 star note, it is at 7:16 of the video. As always – enjoy!

    1. RobFindsTreasure …… I just got a $20.00 star note back in change. It’s a 2009. Not bad condition. How do I find anything out about it? Thanks

  2. A few nice finds, Rob. I’m trying to learn what to keep and what not to keep and especially what not to buy from someone. Thanks for a great video.

  3. Bills hunting is great to do and fun to watch, but I really like that you have a variety of bills you went through. Keeps it more interesting!

  4. Can you just go to the bank and ask them if they have any weird bills ? Also what keeps the bank tellers from keeping the rare ones?

  5. Hey Rob. Love your videos. Thanks for putting so much time and effort into what you do 👍🏻 I was wondering where you get your coin mats. Do you buy them or make them? Can you tell me how to get them or do you sell them? Thanks in advance!

    1. I thought he had the coin mats in his online store but I checked and didn’t see them. You can buy the mats on Amazon if you can’t find them on Rob’s online store.

  6. Its nice to see someone else looks for numbers on the bills. My hunny does all the time. Hes got one on ebay thats all zeros except for the last number which is a 4.

  7. What difference in value are the star notes from the regular notes ? I have a few American Bill’s up in my collection so I think I’ll check them for star notes.

  8. I started doing this about 3 or 4 years ago now I’m addicted to it I’m always checking my bills and everybody else is too looking for Star notes and unique serial numbers. I have quite a few Star notes in all denominations and several unique serial numbers some are very low. I have 20 Star notes that I got from the bank with sequential serial numbers This isn’t a hobby it’s a disease. LOL

  9. As a former banker it drives me up the wall to see money handed to customers that isn’t faced.

    1. one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to cash and not putting the large bills first, I will hold the line up while I face my cash before pocketing it…

  10. I have a $20 from 1936. figure that was a good chunk of money back then, so I’ve kept it around for probably 20 years now. They probably should start minting large banknotes again, they’d be pretty useful for large private transactions, stuff like buying used cars and whatnot.

    I remember my grandpa’s boss always worked in cash, and always in the large denominations. Paid my grandpa with a $1000 bill at the end of every month. Minimum wage wasn’t but about $2 back then, so it was a pretty good chunk of money, and since it was cash nobody needed to pay any taxes.

  11. New to coin collecting, I’m watching this to try and learn a thing or two to add some cool things to my collection

  12. Now I could be crazy but I distinctly remember having a 20 dollar star note that had a serial similar if not the same possibly… I remember looking it up and everything finding the same info with the 640,000 run and all. I wonder if you actually ended up getting the one I had… crazy deja vu if not.

  13. Hey Robfindstreasure, I love how you set aside the older big face green notes (5-10’s), since they’re no longer made they’re definitely worth keeping both aesthetically and even possibly the serial number/star note runs. All I can say is save the older styles! They’re super cool!

  14. Hey Rob. I am an avid currency hunter and noticed something odd on some of the new 2017A 5 dollar bills. The serial numbers on some look like they used different fonts in the printing. One serial number usually top left is normal but the bottom right serial number is thinner ? Wondering your thoughts on this. Error ? Or just the new printing technique ??
    Take a look sometime !

  15. Hey Rob! I know every great collector never shares their secrets but how can i find my own silver dealer that sells silver for face value?? thanks!

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