3 Comments on “Searching coins and chat. Come spend lunch with me.”

  1. Sorry about you father! My Stepdad & grandfather passed away a couple months ago. I love fishing & crabbing too. I’m in Maryland so blue crabs are all over. Never claimed before though. Sounds fun! Rock fishing around here is a Pringle thing. Cool to hear stories and here more about you. Good luck with your hunts. I just picked up a microscope too and it’s definitely a game changer. I just found a bunch of 2019 Memorial Park errors. I have a bunch of quarters & pennies to search. I bought a couple inexpensive metal detectors for my daughter and I. We went once on the beach in OC Maryland. It was fun. Didn’t get out anymore but next year I plan on hitting it hard.

    1. Sooty to hear about your Loss of your step dad grandfather. I remember when I was a kid catching blue crab in the Brooklyn bay. Congrats on getting a microscope. Definitely a game changer. Going metal detecting with your daughter is awesome. Memories being made. Thanks for watching today. I plan on doing more videos like these.

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