Sell Old Coins and Notes to Direct Buyer | Biggest Indian Exhibition of old Currency l old coin sale

Coins Notes sale in Mumbai Exhibition. Sell old coins to the highest price in India #OldCoins #OldNotes #IndianCoinMill
Disclaimer:- We do not buy or sell anything. This Youtube Channel 'Indian Coin Mill' only shares information and knowledge of antique and Rare Coins and Notes. All the videos we Make are only for Educational purposes.
हमारे चैनल 'Indian Coin Mill' का उद्देश्य सिक्कों और नोटें की जानकारी दर्शकों को देना है हमारा उद्देश्य इनके व्यापार को बढ़ावा देना बिलकुल भी नहीं है. हमारी विडियो केवल जानकारी व शिक्षा देने के उद्देश्य मात्र के लिये बनायीं जातीं हैं. दर्शक अपने विवेक से काम लें.

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20 Comments on “Sell Old Coins and Notes to Direct Buyer | Biggest Indian Exhibition of old Currency l old coin sale”

  1. I have following coins/notes.
    1. Rs. 5 coin Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board
    2. Rs. 10 coin Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board
    3. Rs.01 note R Venktraman/Manmohan singh
    4. Rs.05 note Tractor

  2. I have two coins of 5₹ of vaishnodevi in it and one coine of 10₹it is also having vaishnodevi. How much will it cost to sell

  3. I have
    East india company one quarter anna 1834,
    2 annas 1943 (George 6 king emperor),
    Jawaharlal Nehru centenary 1989,
    Louis Braille 1809,
    What is the right price of these coins.

  4. All coins are well are in well condition

    Antique coins = 5 

    Nepalese coins = 6

    1 paise coins = 3 

    2 paise coins = 11

    3 paise coins = 10

    5 paise coins = 38

    10 paise coins = 40

    20 paise coins = 21

    25 paise coins = 1

    Total coins = 135

  5. 1₹ note (2) with some fancy series number, 2₹ coin having Indian National emblem symbol on both side, 2₹ coins (1997, 2000).

    .. How much would all these cost to sell

  6. I have
    1 rupee notes with ship on the back:1989&1994
    2 rupee notes with satellite and tiger on each of them separately
    5 rupee notes with tractor on the back
    10 rupee note with raft on the back
    50 rupee note with parliament on back

  7. One rupee coin of 15year of icus 1975-1990
    One rupee coin of rajiv gandi 1944-1991
    One rupee coin of hawahar lal nehru janmshati 1989
    One rupee coin of special edition of small farmers 1987
    Coin of rupay ka aadha bhaag 1961

  8. notes available

    I am collecting these notes since I was 5 years old
    1) 2 rs note quantity =2(tiger)
    2) 1 rs note quantity =2(1987-1991)
    3) 5 rs note quantity =1(tractor)
    4) 10 rs note quantity=1(ship)

  9. Hello Sir,i’m living in Mizoram ,my name is Peter,,so..regarding old coins..i want to contact with you..i’m having 7coins,it was 1902,year old..(Swamivivekanada)name was written in that coin.

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