Selling $1000s In Rare Coins (US, World, Ancients, Errors, Silver, Gold) – Lot Viewing (7/31 8pm ET)


Sign up with the link above to get $10 off your first order! There are going to be incredible coins for sale tomorrow – everything from gold to ancient coins to medieval ones to rare US type and silver ones to world coins, bullion, graded coins, and more!! So excited for this sale and opportunity to hang out – please join, even if you are not planning on bidding – just hanging out, chatting, and being there for the $100+ in giveaways would be wonderful.

Also, join my Discord, right here!

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31 Comments on “Selling $1000s In Rare Coins (US, World, Ancients, Errors, Silver, Gold) – Lot Viewing (7/31 8pm ET)”

  1. Man I’d be all over that auction other than I just got done picking up an 1876 20 cent piece. I had to pony up to get that piece.

    1. Haha that makes sense. Would be really fun to have you there just to hang out, chat, and that sort of thing! It’s the way I want to both sell but also connect with viewers in real time.

  2. So glad this popped up on my feed. Looks like a fun time. It never ceases to amaze me that 2000+ year old coins have survived. Just to imagine the history and the journey of those coins is fascinating. See you tomorrow night! .

    1. I have been buying a bunch, and trying to start dealing while collecting – in a big buy, I can try to sell a fair amount, and then keep some of the leftovers!

  3. Amazing line-up for your auction, do my best to see y’all there !! I’m trying to start a ancient coin collection, you showed some awesome ones !!

    1. Sweet!! They are some really neat coins – will be interesting to see how they sell tomorrow!

    1. See you there! I think there will be a lot of learning, no need to even bid, just want to hang out with viewers!

    1. It’s nothing dodgy! Mostly like specific info on clients and that sort of thing. All of the learning and numismatic perspective is stuff that can be shared!

  4. Hey man I have a lot of old rare coins that I want to sell I will appreciate if you or someone can help me out

  5. Have the show bookmarked. Will be in and out thru the evening I’m sure. Best of luck, whatnot is a fun platform.

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