Should You Stack Morgan Silver Dollars? Bad Idea or Huge Opportunity?

Should you stack Morgan Silver Dollars? Are there certain times when you should buy Morgan Dollars and others when it's not a good idea? I think there are some cool aspects of doing so, but I'm not too convinced that it's necessarily the best way to go about owning silver poundage at current prices and premiums. What do you think? I feel like there are some good ways to get an edge, whether that be learning the VAMs, cherrypicking for quality, being willing to buy in bulk, and other suggestions we'll go over. Let me know your thoughts below.


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16 Comments on “Should You Stack Morgan Silver Dollars? Bad Idea or Huge Opportunity?”

  1. Good insight, but I think you are wrong. I think Morgan’s will keep going up, and I think they are a great investment. Even if silver will go down, these coins will ‘beat the market’! Everybody wants them, and they will become scarcer and scarcer. Only time will tell of course, but I have seen this many times with other things (Whisky – Rolex watches to name a few), where people said it was not a good investment, and then all of the sudden… BOOM.

  2. “Stacking” Morgan dollars makes as much sense to me as buying graded and slabbed silver bullion coins.

  3. Morgan’s will keep going up.
    Shops in Washington state charge 32.00 for culls or cleaned Morgan’s. But looking at some of your coins I believe I saw some 40-60 dollars coins. The cotton balls were clear and nice hair etc.
    I do the same thing I pick through and try to find the nicest eYe appeal coins that I can.
    Recently I bought a small collection that had 12 Morgan’s and three piece dollars mostly common dates and paid $25 apiece versus 32 at the coin store, so I saved about 100 bucks.

    But down the road there’s going to be those buyers that just want to have a Morgan dollar so they’re gonna want the cheaper ones they’re not gonna be collecting for numismatic value.

    I realized the silver content is less but still a good commodity for stacking because of their rarity.

    But along the same lines I’m still buying silver bullion but watching the premiums another words I’m shopping for the best deal.

    And then I’m always picking up constitutional silver I don’t care what condition it’s in. Of course the nicer coins the same thing as silver dime might only be worth $2.50, but I may find a rare date and actually end up with maybe at eight dollar dime.

  4. As a true collector of Morgans I don’t see many out on the market now worth collecting.
    My brother and I started seperate collections back in 1988. What we see now on the market is nothing but junk coins according to standards set back in the the early 1980’s. Now there are some good coins out there and a few good dealers at shows and some good LCS guys.
    However in the last two months I’ve seen two different YouTube coin dealers send cleaned Morgan’s off and they came back in slabs MS 63 – MS 65.
    I’ve see the same thing at shows where sometimes every 4th slabed coin I look at has been cleaned.
    Thats bull crap in my book and the reason #1 I haven’t and will not purchase ANY coins off the internet.
    #2 l’ll only purchase at coin shows or if I have them in my hand.
    #3 I’m not really sure I trust grading companies any more.
    I’m sorry but as long as people keep passing off these cleaned coins for BU and MS then the true value of true collectible coins will stay depressed. Also people that purchase these cleaned coins at ripoff prices will never see an investor gain in the value.(I don’t think)

    1. I think most are over graded myself!!! Every other one is a 63!! Oh look another 63!!! Some are beat to hell and get 62!!! I dont see it myself most are 60s tops!!!! Im not a big fan of them anyway JMO

    2. @Jason Hastings Exactly.
      I wish you could see some of the ones i have that was graded and slabed in the 70’s and 80’s.
      The way they grade them now mine should be MS 110

    3. @Chester Raybon seen one video the guy bought off ebay to flip! I get its about making money but for what he is selling raw you can get them in slabs for afew more dollars, and know that are real!!!!🤷‍♂️

  5. Im not a morgan fan either!!!🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
    You pay more for slick morgans than ASEs, rounds and bars!!!

  6. I love Morgans but only collect the CC’s these days. Thanks for sharing a fun video!

  7. Please forgive my subject ignorance. I started collecting 2 yrs ago & my knowledge is based from books. I was wondering why the value of some of the Morgan’s picked out to show better are less than what I’ve read? I’d appreciate any books or resource recommendations you could suggest. I appreciate the information shared on your videos & have gained much valued numismatic information. Thank you for sharing your experience & much valued time.

  8. I focus on 1921 p,d,s. I have been finding BU examples for 35-40$ in auction, it’s gambling… I sometimes hit a ms64. Works for me

  9. Don’t stack Morgan but collect! I think when you bought these Morgans yourself, majority you would not consider to stack them because of crazy premium regardless you have coin business or not.

  10. Back in 2020 I stacked several tubes of BU Morgan’s from my LCS and coin shows at the time $40-$45. That turn out to be a good move!

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