Silver Coins: Collecting for True Wealth Building

Silver Coins: Collecting for True Wealth Building For More Information on Silver Coins: Collecting for True Wealth Buildingn. has over 30 years experience in s…
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Let’s take a look at the various scrap silver choices in U.S. coins. I talk about the least expensive pieces to get and how it will better compliment your ot…

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  1. Great video. To add to the video Australian coins dated before 1966 are
    also silver too. From 1944-65 they’re 50% silver while the earlier ones
    dated before 1944 are 92.5% silver. The silver coins were denominated from
    3d, 6d, 1/- (shilling), & 2/- (2 shillings or 1 florin) under the old
    English monetary structure. In 1966 they changed their currency to decimal
    system of 100cents = $1. In that set the round 50c piece is also 92.5%
    silver too. The rest are fiat money made of paper and based metal coins.

  2. I hate the term junk silver. There is nothing about silver that is junk.
    Even if the coin is an eyesore its still not junk……and I do have a few
    eyesores in my collection I dug up. Call it post consumer atleast.

  3. silver has 1300 uses,old coins are neat,they clink whenyou drop them,my new
    monoply game is worth more that a 20.00 bill,unreal times

  4. “Junk” silver is a superior hard asset compared to silver bullion rounds.
    You have the precious metal value as well as numismatic price and
    historical interest. Good vid.

  5. Great Video, I started a youtube Chanel called SilverTurtle65, I’m
    uploading videos on investing in Silver. It’s a great time to buy silver at
    these prices. Even on a budget you can start building wealth for your
    future, I also share tips on how to get Free Silver. Many tips on ways to
    save money and make extra money. Get honest information on Silver. Silver
    is around $20.00 an ounce Buy some before prices go up.i

  6. I just invest in junk silver, which is much less risky and expensive than
    proof mint state bu-70 swaglicious awesome 1951 franklin halves.

  7. Choosing the best junk silver isn’t easy. Prepare for the holiday silver
    market and buy some of these hot silver items.

  8. Arent all half dollars before 1965 all 90% cause i just picked up a walking
    liberty half from a junk silver box for $8 and if it doesnt have silver ill
    be uber mad

  9. This information is priceless. As you can see from my videos I have been
    investing in all that you mentioned.


  10. you expect to get shafted on Ebay sometimes by sellers, but I didn’t expect
    to get shafted by the company. They said I could “list for free” then
    demanded payment and threatened me with a collection agency. Never again.

  11. where do you find your junk silver coins? i’m collecting junk silver
    (simple investment),along w/ decent silver coins (I don’t have
    halves,dollars) for my collection.
    do you have foreigns? are they worth anything?
    good video! good info, too!

  12. I’m thinking silver 90% Kennedy halves in 2014 will catch a good premium.
    Actually even the 40%’ers and some latter date clads. 3/4 of the population
    does not know the difference anyway. and the media is going to filling
    every news gap with 50th anniversary material. That is where my junk
    dollars are going. 90% bags of halves most will be lightly circulated
    Kennedy’s. Full sets (and all) will catch a big premium if sold in the
    right place. 1/2 the pop has never saw a Kennedy half or does not know the
    difference in dates.

  13. I’ve noticed in the bags I’ve purchased the dimes don’t have as much
    average ware as Washington quarters; and Kennedys are great because they
    were in circulation for only couple years before they started to get horded
    and have very little ware on average.

  14. You don’t need a lot of money to invest in junk silver. If you are
    persistent and looking one can get good buys on online auctions. I’m going
    to give you the last 3 items I won on online auctions of junk silvers.
    These prices will be total with shipping: Dimes ’54D, ’56D, ’59P, in
    cardboard holders, around VG-10 to F-12, $4.68 total, $1.56 each, current
    meltdown $1.46 each A ’45P Liberty Walker around F-12 $9.50 total A ’69
    proof Kennedy – in cardboard holder a little spot $4.75 All pretty!

  15. I like the diverse mix of various silver. Depending on what your budget is
    in that moment in time, junk or the fine bullion would be the best choices.

  16. I think this video is honestly spot on. Nice. I always go for mercs and
    walking liberty halves when im purchasing junk silver

  17. That’s okay, once silver hits $30 an ounce around the holidays, you should
    be good on what you originally paid.

  18. I’m in love with silver dimes. I needed twelve more to finish my roll which
    I was going to buy but I was then at my job I opend up a roll of dimes for
    the register and 9 silver dimes within the role I was stoked

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