Silver Coins Madison Wi: Morgan and Peace Silver Coins For Sale near Madison Wisconsin

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. Thank you for watching this video. If you are in the Madison Wisconsin area and you are in the market for buying or selling collectible Morgan and Piece Silver Coinage, see below for the shop contact number. You can easily find Midwest Fine Jewelery, minutes from the highway 12 and 18, in Monona Wisconsin. Call the folks down there now and tell them you found the phone number here for pricing reasons. This is a special coin sale promotion that is happening from now until announced otherwise. Would you feel good about an investment in silver coins? Would you like to find out if some of these coins that complete your collection at home? For the Coins that You See Here, Prices start at 40 dollars. Mixed Grade Coins, of varied value. Please, do me a favor, tell them how you found this Ad! If you want to buy coins like this, call (608)221-4242 now.