24 Comments on “Silver Coins: Poor Man’s Gold”

  1. I have gold n silver so that makes me not poor..and the dollar is going down bc of Obama ..and the banks

  2. although the numismatic value adds much more potential for increase. especially with an increase in silver prices.

  3. Silver is a much better deal then gold right now, there is much less silver on earth then gold.

  4. @orangedac, thx for reminding lol well, guess I’ll just hold on to them. I’m not cashing in so basically I’m not losing anything. Just brought more btw at 28$ per ounce lol.


  6. Yes, but I paid junk silver prices for these. I now have coins that are collectable, and I only paid spot silver prices with no premium or fees of any kind; either way, I am ahead of the game. I also made a couple of videos about collecting US and Canadian silver pocket change; that is my favorite way to collect silver.

  7. Yes, and even though these are collectable coins, I bought each of them for the value of their silver. Normally I would not recommend buying collectable coins as a way to invest in silver, because as you mention the premium you pay is very important, and if it is too high, you end up losing money. But anytime you can get a coin that also has value to a collector, and if you can get it just the price of its silver; that is the way to go.

  8. buy low premium 999 or 90 percent silver coins. best buys are sunshine, silvertowne, amark, and engelhards. low premium pure silver. period.

  9. Exactly! Buy silver b4 is too late! I just purchase 2x 100oz silver bars 10x 10oz silver bars and 10 tubs of 1oz silver eagles at a spot price about $45 per ounce. Let see how it will go.

  10. im with you cds, unless you can get them real cheap id stay away from them………stick with the old reliable ones that most people can recgonize you can never go wrong with a full ounce .9999 silver eagle. or the old pre 64 coinage. plus the coins in the video in my opinion look kinda cheesy

  11. don’t waste your time on these coins buy

    a) junk silver 90% 1964 or older coins or

    b) buy .999 one ounce silver rounds..

    c) US Silver Eagles

    these us minted coins are over priced..

    This and that chick in the video is hot

  12. you should be embaressed by your comment an investment is by definition a way to make money now when I buy around 2 kilos of junk silver per month at 20% below spot price you are buying your silver at 20% above cause it is in a shiney bar form thats a 40% difference, now if your dick was 6 inch and mine was 10 inch would you be jealous

  13. One correction, On the coin of Thomas Jefferson, it shows, “Thomas Jefferson Architect of Democracy”. He was NOT an architect of Democracy, he was opposed to a democracy, because he knew what a democracy was and wanted to avoid it all costs. He was, however, an Architect of a Constitutionally-Limited Republic. If one reads the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States, NOT once, does it mention the word democracy in it.

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