Silver throughout History

"Black and white Edition"

While the American empire is teetering on the deleterious “End of an Era” atmosphere, the Dollar falters and the pure fiat currency disintegrates, the author questions the future monetary system. From historical data, bankers’ confidences, confirmed informations and personal analysis, he lays the groundwork to help you forging your own thinking.

Unpretentious, Cyrille Jubert, who signs his articles on the web under the pseudonym of Menthalo is neither historian, economist nor financier. He is a mere Philistine. As such, its analysis and synthesis illuminate monetary and geopolitical history of a particular manner.

Analyzing daily the market of precious metals and more particularly that of the Silver, the author go gradually back on time, to understand the origin of current events on those half currency half commodities markets. One thing leading to another, his research will lead him to revisit history, almost blindly following the trail of Silver, a key element of international trade, the sinews of war and power base of nations.

What a surprise to find out that the discovery of the Americas and their huge Silver reserves will not render descendants of Charlequint wealthy, but will lead to their ruin. That the Netherlands seceding for religious reasons of the Spanish Empire, will create a new economic and financial model before taking power in England to replicate this model on a large scale with extraordinary political intelligence and geostrategic ambition.

The stories of pirates or privateers of the Caribbean are not anecdotal. These men without faith or law did and defeated empires. They did it on command.
As for the Battle of Trafalgar, it is the apotheosis of a policy implemented in 1694 in London by the Princes of Orange of the Netherlands. If this defeat ruined Napoleon's navy, it also gave the final blow to the archaic and decadent Spanish Empire. Trafalgar consecrated the supremacy of the British Empire for the oncoming century.

The Silver metal is a handicap for the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy and its hegemonic dreams built on fiat currency. The City always knowingly strived to dry up the resources, to systematically destroy its monetary value and to control the course of the white metal for over two centuries. The silver paper ETFs and derivatives on silver metal are the latest avatars of this two centuries old policy. The Anglo-Saxon system is dying of his excesses. China, Russia, India, Brazil and South Africa are standing along Germany to overthrow the established order, purely fiduciary.

A new monetary system will be put in place, what will then be the role of Silver in it? What will be its value?
The Silver is now for them a monetary weapon and a lever to pop the Anglo-American agreement and destroy banks, vestal of this policy.

Gold will soar to unimaginable heights, but you won’t profit. One way or another, it will be confiscated and nationalized by the states. Silver will be the only refuge and will reach prices that no one would dare predict today.

"The secret of the Rothschild’s is to keep everything secret" said one of them.

This book will reveal some of the best kept secrets and break the current Omerta on Silver.

One of them is that Silver will be at 200$ far sooner than you think…

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