SOLID SILVER & 1800s FINDS Out Of A Half Pound World Coin Search – Hunt #26

Welcome to another episode in my Ultimate World Coin Search series, a group of videos where we unbox a half pound of mixed foreign and world coins from all over the world! For this series, I bought some world coin lots and then paid a lot of extra money to supplement it with a better mix… and it certainly has been showing! There has been a good amount of silver, older foreign coins, and really cool countries that I haven't seen coins from before. Hope you enjoy this series of videos as much as I did while I was making it!


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29 Comments on “SOLID SILVER & 1800s FINDS Out Of A Half Pound World Coin Search – Hunt #26”

  1. cuba has the cuban convertible pesos which is pegged to the usd and it’s more valuable than what the locals use. and that korean coin is from 1959

  2. Greek guy is Pericles. Athenian general and statesman. He was known to wear his onion helmet around town. Even though he was popular with the Athenians, that didn’t prevent him from being ostracized. He would eventually die during the Great Plague of Athens in the middle of the Peloponnesian War.

  3. Great video, Christian! Your 1922 1 Lira has significant value if it is uncirculated (appears it is in my computer). You should always check the mint marks on your German coins. They can make a huge difference in value.

  4. Did you know Gibraltar coins are extremely hard to find in circulation in main land uk and you were right 1 Gibraltar pound is the same as 1 British pound

  5. The ship on the Korean coin is the famous Turtle ship which Admiral Yi used to win many of his battles. Admiral Yi Sun-sin is considered the greatest admiral in history. He never lost a battle even when outnumbered.

  6. Thanks again Christian, for sharing another great video 😊👍🏼 Lots of Love Bobbi 😇💕🙏🏼

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