State Quarter w/ Proofs P&D Dansco Coin Album #1 (8143) 7/8″ (Item: 23312)

8143 Dansco Coin Album

The front cover of this Dansco coin album is imprinted with the title “Washington Quarters Statehood Commemorative 1999-2003 Including Proof”.  The overall album features five pages each holding 20 coins for a total of 100 and includes P, D, S an Silver Proof quarters.  The inside cover describes Statehood Commemorative Quarters while the inside back cover lists the states  represented in the album, its capital, nickname and date that it was admitted to the union.  Please note that this album does not list the quantities minted by year.
All pages issues include four coins – P, D, S, Silver Proof
Page 1 – 1999 Issues – DE, PA, NJ,GA, CT 
Page 2 – 2000 Issues – MA, MD, SC, NH, VA
Page 3 – 2001 Issues – NY, NC, RO, VT, KY
Page 4 – 2002 Issues – TN, OH, LA, IN, MS
Page 5 – 2003 Issues – IL, AL, ME, MO, AR
The 8143 Dansco coin album can be used with the 7/8″ Dansco slipcase.

Price: 19.88

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