Stop Spending These Valuable $1 Dollar Bills

Here are some crazy $1 dollar bills that you should be on the lookout for! They aren't going to be found every day, but whether it is in pocket change (or wallet change) or collections, everything from offset printings to obstructions to misalignments to issues with serial numbers can be found when examining your notes!


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21 Comments on “Stop Spending These Valuable $1 Dollar Bills”

  1. What about saving the bills that have the previous treasurer Steven Mnuchin who ‘printed’ his name instead of cursive.

  2. Hey Christian!! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Have you heard about the 2013-B Star Notes with Duplicated Serial #’s? If not, we had a great Live Coin Q&A livestream about a month back where we discussed them in depth. Take a look or if you have questions, shoot me a message in discord if you want. Take care buddy 🤗

  3. Thanks for this info, Christian. I’ve always wondered if there might be other Paper currencies (not Star Notes) that would have the same serial numbers, other than just the B2 Star Notes. This vid has answered that, so Thank you. The vid that Shannon Smith refers to was very well done, and interesting, as this one. You really should check it out. Anyway, I hope things are going well for you. Have a good one.

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