Super Mario World Hacks with SSoH – “Something” Episode 2: Coin Collector

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Or I can make one for you. Pick your state and size Same coin, smaller …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Comments on “Super Mario World Hacks with SSoH – “Something” Episode 2: Coin Collector”

  1. Anyone else notice the Fireman MegaMan music in the castle. And the level
    design is similar as well.

  2. “But who gives a fuck?” -Seamus
    I never heard him say something like that before. xD
    Well i’ve heard him swear and get mad and stuff before but I Never heard
    him say that.

  3. @9879novo and i didn’t expect you to write do be instead of to be, thanks
    for posting that useless comment

  4. Hey Fencekid
    Awesome video, cool hobby.
    Can you use some type of power grinder or polisher to finish the edge?
    Where did you buy the acrylic punch guide block?


  5. +fencekid You inspired me to go to harbor freight and a local bead shop,
    and buy a mandrel, dapping set, punch set, blow torch and hammer. I just
    finished my first ring! It’s not too great, the hole was off center, but it
    kind of gives the ring a top and bottom, if you will. Thanks for the
    videos! I really like doing stuff with my hands, and this seems like a
    hobby that can fit any budget! I’m looking forward to giving my first ring,
    and many more to my girlfriend! Thanks for the tutorials! I wouldn’t know
    how easy and rewarding this was if it wasn’t for you!

  6. Nice video,
    Does sanding off the inside edge of the outside of the bottom of the coin,
    stop the high spot from developing as pronounced as in this video? This is
    the first one that I have seen but if I find this answer in a subsequent
    video I will woohoo (third beer for the woohoo)

  7. Thanks for the vid fencekid! My girlfriend has been on my case that she
    wants a ring for Christmas and I jokingly said fine I’m gunna get you a 25
    cent ring. Here is my opportunity to do exactly that! I make her handmade
    presents every holiday. She’s going to love it! 

  8. I would assume that to make a smaller hole ( ring size) use a smaller
    punch? with more sanding. seams more like a feminine item. NO JUDGMENT! I
    would sport a pinky ring like this.

  9. Do you have any advice on getting the rings not to tear. My silver quarter
    tore at a size 8, and the last straw for me was when my 1846 large cent
    tore at a size 10. I sanded both of them very well. 

  10. Awesome bud ya im going to make a few haha would it be still posible to use
    an older one such as a 70’s or an 80’s

  11. Seen your video kid yes … Everyone has there opinion on what this is and
    what that is but keep up the great work man your rings are awesome.. 

  12. hey man is there any way you could make me one of these since i dont have
    the stuff? i will pay for it. i these look so amazing and i would
    absolutely love a gold/brass looking one from the other vids. like the
    Contrast patina vid

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