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    1. It means 91.6% gold balance 8.4% for 100% gold, alloys ,( including Siver, copper, kdm, zing etc,)
      If it is 999means 99.9% gold only.

  1. If we sell gold in profit we have to pay income tax while filing ITR right?….
    And if we sell in loss we can carry forward that loss to next year in ITR?

    1. U have to pay income tax while buying and selling.. if u buy gold above 2 lakh u have to provide Pan details.. its not about profit or loss.. if the gold ur selling is of bigger amount u have to show that while filing ITR.. govt has become strict now.. lucky are those who have purchased gold years back or were passed down by their parents

    2. @Angel but i have a doubt…. Any way we have show in ITR filing… But i buy gold at 2 lakh and sell in 2.5 lakh… I have to pay tax for 50000 only right….. If i sell that for 1.5 lakh with 50000 loss then i should file ITR but not pay tax right??

    3. @Aditya S Nair income tax is on the total income earned from all the sources not just gold.. if it exceeds 2.5 lakhs then u have to pay tax

    4. @Angel did u understand what i meant??????
      If buy gold today for 2 lakh and sell tommorow for 1.9 lakh…. Loss 10k should i pay tax.?.but i will show in income tax filing
      Already TDS is filed…

    5. @Aditya S Nair read my comment carefully.. i am no CA.. like i said income tax is not calculated like that.. if u have so many reservations dont purchase gold bc u will have to show it while filing itr

  2. Maam i loved the plastic packet full of gold. I have similar packet but my gold collection is small right now. This is going to be my goal now.

    1. @Angel maam just one last reply plz : how much time it took for you to buy this much and how much you buy every month or year

    2. @PetLove NewYorker i have been buying since a very young age can say more than 20 years.. i buy whenever i have spare money..

  3. GOld collector here, I have more than 200 grams and all is from Malabar. Its the biggest and the best jewelry store in the world!

    1. @City of Joy well personally i like their designs n their making charges is much less compared to tanishq brand

    1. @Angel if u do online in upcoming days could you intmate us also please i have not buyed atleast one coin yet 🥺

    2. @Angel ohh that’s a good idea but now price is half grm 6538 like that so I’m waiting i checked in ajio sis

  4. Do you have any idea about investing in silver coins. What is the buy back price etc. Please let me know if you. Have started with gold this month but the price is too high right now. So thinking of switching to silver for the time being. What do you suggest?

    1. Silver takes up a lot of space.. u get a lot of silver fr little amount.. i would suggest gold.. 1gm of coin every 2 months will not put too much strain on ur budget

  5. Loved it ! You have amazing patience and passion towards gold . You are on right path Ma’am 🎉🙏

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