The $200 Million Coin Collection | Forbes

The Pogue Collection will likely be the most expensive coin collection ever sold at auction. The face value of the 681 coins? $969.14.

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57 Comments on “The $200 Million Coin Collection | Forbes”

  1. Very cool, hopefully you guys will make an update video when these pieces go to auction. Id be curious to see what they go for.

  2. Truly a once in a lifetime auction for sure! Whoever bought that collection is very lucky. The values will continue to multiply as the decades go on.

    1. @Leggo My Ego not really if anything with more elderly dying it just keeps going up due to inheritance, but also new monarchs and designs sparking interest in children for it but also the silver and gold content some hold

    2. @Really cool Man your inheritance comment demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding of how markets work.

    3. @Leggo My Ego Don’t really care, still is happening and people are turning to it as they see it as a way for their investments (for e.g soverigns)

  3. Wow! Amazing how learning facts about these coins brings history to life.  Thank you, Forbes, for this informative and enlightening report.

  4. this is just amazing , it took time for these coins to be of any value , we have coins in our possession right now that may be worth this much in 200 years , time is not on my side at 62. my next coin to collect will be the 2016 Wedge Tailed Eagle from the Perth Mint who never disappoints all coins I have from them are flawless. Wishing you all well.

    1. Hmmm, probably not. Philly mint has the ability to make 32 MILLION coins a day. Clad, worthless coins at that.
      Modern business strike coins (and even proofs) I’m sure will still be virtually worthless in 200 years.

  5. Im falling in love with coins, my collection just doesn’t grow fast enough, I just do t make the money to keep up. It so unfortunate because I’m always coming across things I want but can’t get. But these collections are incredible

    1. O importante é que você goste, não importa quanto tempo demore, você poderá ter todo o dinheiro, mas não terá todas as moedas!!!🇧🇷.

  6. My grandmother started me on my coin collection when I was a kid. I remember the teacher ask the class to bring in coins for show and tell, I had a 1797 coin that was brown in color I don’t remember what denomination it was. He said he wanted to keep it and look into what it was, I never got it back he later told me it was fake. I lived in Newtown Connecticut at the time. I wish I had that coin today I could probably retire.

  7. Them are amazing coins, I could only dream of something like that. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  8. The owner is so passionate and proud of his collection, wealthy or not that’s what collectors all have in common. Off subject, imagine finding this collection in a safe in a storage auction.

  9. If I had $200million to spend on coins, I would buy up all the gold dollars on the market & just put them in giant pirate chests. 😅

  10. Seller: “My collection is worth $500 million”
    Rick: “I can do $8 and a coupon for 50% off at Taco Bell”
    Seller: “What?,of course not!”
    Rick: “I’m taking all the risk here, I have to get it framed”
    Seller: “How about $12 and a chicken challupa?”
    Rick: “I’ll do $10, the chicken challupa and I’ll throw in a roll of toilet paper because I know it’ll come out hard.”
    Seller: “Deal”

  11. As a kid, I had a paper route and each week would go through the change that people often paid with looking for rare coins. I got almost a whole set of wheat cent pennies collected that way and it was a lot of fun. As you say, in this era I don’t see the appeal to coin collecting for the youth because of all the technology distractions.

  12. I’m so excited I started cryptocurrencies back then because it was a game changer for me and was my best decision so far all thanks to the cryptocurrency world

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