The BEST and WORST Types of Gold for Stacking or Investing

In this video I talk about the The best and worst types of gold for stacking or investing. If you are wanting to buy physical gold right now then this is the video for you. I am not a financial advisor and these are my opinions. I talk about my top 3 best types of gold to buy and my top 3 worst types of gold to buy. If you are trying to invest in gold by buying gold when the price is low then you want to focus mainly on my top 3 types of gold to buy. This also applies for people who want to be stacking gold. Gold bars and gold coins are extremely popular, but not all types of gold bullion are great for those that want to be investing in gold. The reasons why you should be investing or stacking these particular types of gold are talked about in the video. Stack on my friends!

The BEST and WORST Types of Silver for Stacking or Investing

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31 Comments on “The BEST and WORST Types of Gold for Stacking or Investing”

  1. My bullion dealer pays a high premium for eagles and eagles only. I had pandas and maple leafs with me as well but was offered back of spot. This was during the run up to $2070. But my eagles he paid me an 8% premium. Was probably the demand for gold eagles at the time, but it made me scratch my head. I remember saying “we’re talking the same amount of gold yet you’re offering back of spot for everything I have except my eagles?” His response was simply “yes”. Certainly an eye opener. Given I haven’t sold any gold up until that day. I’ve adjusted my gold portfolio since.

    1. Yep, same here I had beautiful 1oz maple and a Brit and wasn’t even offered spot it was below spot… Was offering 4% premium for my eagle and buffalos I was like nahhh. He went up to 6% for my eagles just my eagles. People just want eagles nowadays. People buying them up and not selling them. He had 1 eagle he was selling with a 1 silver eagle it was like a collection box was asking $2400….BS!

    2. Depends where you are. In UK, Brittania is king. US Eagle just another coin. VAT and CGT benefits in native countries for their own product prevails.

  2. Thanks for the overview!👍🏼Coincidentally, my 2020 Utah Goldbacks set in GB Wallet just arrived Down Under today! What absolute BEAUTIES! Especially love that 50 note! Premiums were even higher from whom I bought from but very glad I did. Now I can get back on the one ounce track 😉

  3. Finally bought on latest dip. 1 oz Korean Phoenix. 30 silver eagles. Paid a lil more than I usually like to but but finally got the ones I wanted for under 30 silver and under2000 gold including premiums.

  4. I do agree, though I’d say that if you have a chance to get fractional for a minimal amount over spot you should totally go for it (that goes for most gold, really). I’ve had that chance several times and have never regretted it. Thanks for another great video! 😃 😃 😃

  5. Great video and very sage advice. Much appreciated. Do you have any thoughts on coins like Russian gold roubles for fractional stacking? Have some numismatic value as well (EF/ aUNC) but probably paying around 14% above spot. Cheers

  6. I got about half an ounce of gold jewelry in a consignment store for over $200 under spot. I can sell this retail if I wish, or scrap it for a hefty profit. However, for now I choose to keep it, because it’s beautiful, it stores value in a small space, and I can fly with it with no questions asked.🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. Interesting video, thanks!
    I’m French and as most French people who buy some gold to protect part of their savings, my choice goes to the 20 Francs gold coin, also referred to as the Napoléon, which comes in 5 different designs. It’s not pure gold, only 900 o/ooo but it’s an elegant small coin, very popula, the most bought/sold gold coin here. Also, you can expect to sell it above spot if in good condition.It used to have a rather low premium but the price has gone up a lot as of late and I’ve stopped buying them.
    I also possess some bullion coins: a Maple Leaf, an American Buffalo, an American Eagle and an Australian nugget, which I all find beautiful. I plan to buy next a double Eagle, a Mexican 50 pesos, a Britannia and an Austrian Philharmonic, but that’s when gold is more affordable. I might have to wait…
    Finally, I also have a bunch of silver coins, 50 and 10 Francs Hercule, which are beautiful, but those also are way too expensive at the moment.
    So I’m saving until better days, I’m not willing to buy precious metals at any price, that wouldn’t make sense.

    1. The gold Francs are very specific to where you live and charge a high premium since they were minted in the previous century

    2. Anton V You’re right, it’s specific to where you live. Also, it’s all about offer and demand actually. In these uncertain times, more people are willing to buy gold. Gold price and in particular premiums follow that trend. Those gold coins were way less expensive just a year ago. One 20 Francs coin was around €269 in Oct 2019, now it’s around €319, a €50 rise!! I can tell you because I’ve been buying them regularly…

  8. Thank you for breaking down the best and worst of buying gold. It’ll help me tremendously when I get ready for purchasing gold in the future. You’ve got great videos with interesting topics and details that I enjoy watching.

  9. Love your videos! I’m a big fan, your videos are one of the reasons I started stacking. Keep stacking!

  10. A retail jeweller can put a 300% markup on the price of the gold jewellry they source from a manufacturing jeweller which obviously has added prices for fabrication and overheads. On the other hand, your fabricated item has artistic value which could be long lasting depending on the design/type and also practical value in being able to be used as jewellery, again depending on the design/type with changing tastes.

  11. I’m hunting Krugs at the moment, I absolutely love them. Resilient due to the bronze content but still holding a full oz of gold. I’ve got one 1980, but I left the shop my contact info and told them if they get more to call me and they did. I’m picking up 3 more tomorrow and they are cheap and beautiful. I’m debating buying a 30gram Panda proof they got from the same seller, idk. They said if I buy all 3 Krugs they’ll be $20 over spot apiece, hell yes! Already had them remove them from display and put in safe with my name on them. Dates on the 3 are all in the 1970s, no BU but their numismatist said they’re in great shape and I’ll want them. Can’t wait for my addition!

  12. Premiums are so high right now for Eagles that I am buying mostly Phiharmonics and Maple Leafs. As you mentioned, I can’t really afford to buy 1 once, so I am buying 1/4 coins. Again, the premiums are even more nuts for these fractional coins. So, I am slowing my purchases of both gold and silver until we have a significant dip in prices. I think, in the long run, it will still be worth it.

  13. My granddaddy was a scrap gold buyer and he used to send it to a refiner to turn them into mini bars or he’d melt the gold himself and turned them into rounds with our family crest on it. But he always told me collect gold no matter what shape it is

    1. Totally agree and will teach my daughters the same gold is gold when it come down to it don’t matter what the f it look like just gonna get melted anyway. If the world were to end who cares what a coin or bar look like better just be happy you find someone friendly to trade with 😉

    2. @Keith PittsRefineries may be less accessible in an end of world scenario so authenticating fakes becomes important.

  14. Thank you for the video (I know this is an older one). Personally I like the buffalo and maple leaf but that’s me. But it was very good to learn about bars and sovereigns.

  15. I got a 1 ounce Royal Mint Royal Arms from the UK. Was on offer at the time and was just as good a price as Britanias. Also got a quarter ounce Royal Mint with some weighing scales on the coin. Was also discounted. The rest of my stack is just 1 ounce Britanias.

  16. I think you’re pretty close to right on about everything that you’ve talked about, but the one ounce American Gold Eagle that is 0.916 purity is really not that great of an investment because a Canadian maple leaf is .9999 fine and plus it cost less than the .916 American Eagle

    1. the gold eagle is less pure, but it still contains 1oz of gold (the same as the maple). the gold eagle just weighs more in total

    2. @Jake yes it does weigh a little bit more than a Canadian maple leaf,. Yes it is.91 6% pure Which is less Purity than sterling silver, as for me if I’m going to buy a gold bar or coin then it’s going to need to be .999 percent pure if not 4- 9’s
      Yes the American Gold Eagle does contain one ounce of gold but I’m sorry I would rather own the American gold buffalo because it is .999 percent pure and not lower grade than sterling silver

  17. Good advice thank you. I do what you suggest, and buy the highest quality gold I can find for the lowest possible premium. The one piece to the equation that is actually an unknown is picking a product that will be easy to sell in the future. The best we can do is stick to products that are easy to sell now, but that is no guarantee that they will still be easy to sell at the point where we are looking to convert them back to cash. There are lots of different ways to invest in precious metals. My plan involves accumulating as much Bullion as I can and holding it for the long-haul. There are people who buy and sell gold the way daytraders churn stocks. Constantly buying when it’s low and constantly selling when it’s high. I accumulate bullion as a protector of wealth not a generator of income. If that works for them great. It isn’t how I want to spend my time. Great channel keep up the good work.

  18. Hi Silver Dragon!

    Quick question. I bought my first gold eagle about a year ago, I went to check it and it seems to have changed color (looks darker). Is this normal for gold?

  19. You forgot about Australian Lunars. Released at low premium (for few $ more than other bullion coins) and mostly gaining premium of collectables over time.

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