18 Comments on “The Boondock Saints 2nd Series Challenge Coin w/Troy Duffy”

  1. Update, now only seeking 2nd series coin. New price willing to pay-$200.
    Please look for my post on Craigslist or post on Ebay(i have a watch out
    for the coin, account is corpsmanbolden). Thanks.

  2. Currently looking for both Series 1 and 2 coins. Willing to pay $75 ea.
    Please look on Craigslist for my post if you are willing to sell them.

  3. I would also like to buy the second coin, if anybody want to make a quick
    buck. Let me hear what you think and want for it ?

  4. I bought the first one because it reminded me of when I was in the Army
    National Guard. I have a pretty nice collection from when I was in. I’m
    looking forward to getting the 2nd and all the following coins to come.
    Thank you guys. Troy, as soon as I get my script done, please look at it.

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