9 Comments on “The Collector Coin Confiscation Con – Numismatics”

  1. It is a mistake to think that numismatic coins are not a good investment
    for at least part of your collection. If you buy GRADED numismatic coins
    from a RELIABLE SOURCE, there is a good chance that they will be a better
    investment than standard bullion. Shop and compare! I do not collect
    numismatic coins. I collect JM bars, eagles, and bags of 90% junk coins.
    But once I’ve reached my silver bullion accumulation goal, I plan on
    putting a percentage into GRADED gold coins.

  2. the only thing that is rarer than a rare numismatic coin is a buyer for a
    rare numismatic coin.

  3. And all of that when you can just buy ASE and AGE coverd under the gold act
    of 1985 making them numismatic. I guess there will always be a sucker that
    will pay 3x’s more so he can think they are buying coins that cant be

  4. Honestly, I like Maloney, but he is warning people off from numismatic
    coins in a general sense instead of acknowledging that there are possibly
    some exceptions. It is like any other market – if you don’t know what you
    are doing you will probably get taken to the cleaners. However, many people
    have made a lot of money in rare coins, but they were true numismatists
    (coin experts), not just casual investors looking for one more thing to
    diversify into.

  5. And by numismatic coins I’m not referring to those overpriced brand new
    slabbed coins sold by Numis Network either… I’m referring to real
    numismatic coins… the older the better.

  6. What happens to gold/silver in deflation? I know Mike has said that in a
    deflation, gold and silver will go up, and in inflation, they will go up
    massively. But why would gold/silver go up in both situations?

  7. Yeah, and if you have to chose between getting foreclosed and selling your
    gold/silver bullion, you’re surely going to chose keeping your bullion…
    [rolleyes] The fact is: numismatic coins will always be worth as much as
    bullion, plus their numismatic premium… If any of you want to sell your
    numismatic coins under BV, please send me a message asap (even during the
    prophesied deflation). 😀

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