The Gold Coins KEEP COMING!! Buffalo Gold Collection Profit Session!

An attempt at 15 Gold Buffalo heads turns into a profit session in the high limit room!

68 Free Games Pays THE BIGGEST BUFFALO HANDPAY I've ever seen!!

Graton Resort & Casino Corner Suite Tour:
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Graton Resort & Casino Standard Luxury Room Tour:
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These videos are intended for Adults 18 years or older. They are for entertainment purposes and filmed in a REAL Land Based Casino or on a Cruise Ship with my REAL money. Nothing online.

Remember…IN THE SHORT TERM, YOU MAY WIN BIG. BUT OVER TIME (THE LONG TERM) THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS. The machines are made to take your money. The Casinos are a business & make their profits on house edge.
You should make sure you set a limit using an entertainment budget that you're willing to lose.


20 Comments on “The Gold Coins KEEP COMING!! Buffalo Gold Collection Profit Session!”

  1. AWE-SOME session and a fantastic profit. I am home resting and loving my bed and pillows. I feel as if I had a boxing match with Mike Tyson. But for sure I am glad it’s over. This is my 1st time viewing your videos I tried yesterday but I fell asleep. Anyway loved your session today. Blessings Always Ms.P ❤️ 🙏🏿

  2. Buffalo gold heads on free games when you see a lot of gold heads coming,they will not give you coins. In 8 free games you will get 7,8,9 gold heads with less than $100. Whoever makes these games are smart.

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