The Gold Silver Ratio Means Nothing – Fact or Fiction?

Let's talk about a topic a lot of OTHER people seem to talk a lot about. I really don't view the gold silver ratio as being quite as important these days, and I want to discuss the basic reasons behind why I feel that way. It's not to say that there are valid ideas behind analyzing the comparisons in price, but the use cases are quite different for both metals. I try to avoid hyping things up and want to make sure people aren't sucked into buying off of premises that really don't make much sense, which is why I made this video.


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6 Comments on “The Gold Silver Ratio Means Nothing – Fact or Fiction?”

  1. I use the GSR just to trade up from silver to gold. Otherwise i buy when i see a great deal. 😊👍

  2. I don’t think the gold/silver ratio means much. But silver has a lot more industrial uses than gold, so when you see a very high gold/silver ratio, it does suggest that gold is overvalued in relation to silver. In addition, a lot of silver is tied up in collectibles such as coins, flatware, jewelry, etc. Probably a higher percentage than gold. It is my understanding that solar panels use a considerable amount of silver, so developments in that field should be watched.

  3. 2.2 pounds.
    Maybe you are not a expert but if you have experiences dealing with it. Then you have a place speaking your mind. Phrasing is key.
    Lead in that I am no expert, so this is my opinion through experience and let it rip!

  4. Gold and silver prices are determine by the market. There is no ratio these days. Back in ancient Rome the gold, silver, bonze ratio is not the same as it is now. In those day’s a silver denarius, which weighed 3.4 grams was the daily pay for the average day laborer.

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